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6 Ways to Become a Good Developer

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A lot of young people nowadays are starting to be curious about programming. Becoming a real developer is not easy but very possible. With the right guidance, motivation and direction, you’ll be able to build a career just like the tech professionals out there. You can even start your own tech company just by discovering new ways to make life easier. For now, here are six ways to get you started and ready.


✓     Define Your Objectives

Everything comes with an end goal. You start something because you want something. So figure out what you want to create and what ideas you want to pursue. Do you want to build websites? How about an app? Perhaps, you want to create the next big thing to help the community or maybe you want to build something that you personally need. Whatever it is, you need to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve. This will serve as your map and motivation for you to be on track and finish what you’ve started.



✓     Learn To Code

To be a good developer, you need to fully recognize which tools to use, understand Git, how to deploy and use shell commands, and everything in between. There are various resources online and you can now learn how to code at any place, at any time. However, if you want to take your learning to the next level, you need to enroll in one of the top colleges in the Philippines.This can help you see things in a new perspective compared to learning things online. At the same time, you’ll have different activities, peers and professors that will challenge and hone your skills further.


✓     Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

No man is an island and no project is flawless. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need to. Web developers always encounter bugs and other difficulties. That’s why it’s great to keep your community wide so you can ask other people to help you out. You may never know that the problem that takes you hours to figure out can be solved within minutes if you ask for a hand. Seeking for help is not a sign of weakness. Even the best developers out there experience these and ask their team’s help. Just remember to learn from those experiences in order to grow.


✓     Discover, Copy, Practice

Like a painter or an illustrator, you can develop your skill by practicing. But how do you start? One way to practice is to copy. Replicate the things you find amazing, like cool websites. View its source code and add it to your own. Try to understand how it works, what it does and the things that you could add to improve it.


✓     Make Your Own

Once you think you’re ready to execute an idea, go for it. There will be trials and errors but it’s going to be worth it. Have some inspiration and make your own website, app or whatever you have in mind.


✓     Showcase Your Work

When you’re looking for a job, diplomas and certificates matter but with hundreds of applicants, you need something that will make you stand out above the rest. Portfolios are not optional anymore, it’s a must. Build your portfolio early. Gather your best works and show them during job interviews.


The best way to have a portfolio is by building it online by creating your own website and by linking it to your social media accounts. Always update it and don’t forget to ask for help and opinions from your professors and people you trust.


Tip: Volunteer in some activities such as building your school department’s website or create a website for a specific organization and pitch it to them. It will be great if what you present in your portfolio actually exists and currently being used. Also, learn to accept criticisms from others. Take those comments positively to further improve your work.


Keep in mind that in order to be successful, you need to be more curious. Never settle for just knowing the basics. In short, don’t be stuck in the shallow, get your game on and swim deep.

Bridge Building Competition 2015

By: Rajanah Tracy H. Sarmiento

Bridge Building Competitionis an annual fun Engineering competition and is one of the highlights of PILI-pinas, a 2-week long inter-departmental celebration of Philippine Culture. Thisyear’s competition was hosted by Christian D. Abanag and organized by Aspirants and Achievers’ Association(AAA) and was held at the FEU Tech Student Plaza, on September 9, 2015.

This year’s competition included popsiclebombing. To make a “popsicle bomb,” participants must make a reticulated grid by weaving together popsicle sticks wherein each stick is held in place by bending. This bending creates tension, and, if done correctly, the weave of sticks fly apart when one is removed.

The participants of the competition were asked to build weaves long enough to connect four stations, each station representing a Philippine province.

To increase the difficulty of the task, participants were initially given only enough materials to connect two stations and were told that, to receive more, they would have to answer a series of very difficult riddles.When their “popsicle bomb” bridges were completed, the groups had to “ignite” them, causing a flurry of laughter and squeals.

The winners of this year’s competition were AustinSy, Ace Ventura, Oliver Leonida, and JannsenCaranzo.

FEU Tech and Far East University Korea Establish Partnership

By: Rajanah Tracy H. Sarmiento

The officials of FEU Institute of Technology (FEU Tech) met with representatives of Far East University Korea, South Korea, to sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA), at the FEU Tech building in Manila, on August 19, 2015.

Part of the agreement between the two schools includes partnering in research and large-scale projects and participating in a student and faculty exchange program. The MOA was signed by FEU Tech’s Executive Director Mr. Benson Tan and Far East University’s Dean of Academic and Research Affairs Eui-Seok Nahm.

“We strongly believe in this partnership. We believe it will certainly benefit both of our schools academically and culturally,” said Professor Nahm, Dean of Academic and Research Affairs of Far East University Korea.

“We value the partnership with Far East Korea very much because, through it, both schools can accomplish more research, publish important studies more, and expand innovation in general,” said FEU President Dr. Michael M. Alba, who was also present at the signing.

Professor Nahm, along with FEU Korea’s Chul-Soo Ye and Dong-Ohk Kim, also conducted a seminar on computer programming. Students and faculty from FEU Tech’s ITE Department were in attendance.

iTamaraw Carlos Caballero conducts free coding workshop for PWDs with other Microsoft Student Partners

If I could have shared my voice with her to give sound to the words she wanted to say, I would have done so,” Maria Genina Domingo of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, referring to a hearing-impaired student she was coaching.

The 20-year-old Information Technology major, along with five other Microsoft Student Partners from other universities, conducted recently a free coding workshop for persons with disabilities (PWDs) at St. Mutien College in Dau, Pampanga province.

It was the second in Microsoft Philippines’ cross-disability training activities. The six student trainers were among the 20 who attended the first workshop, part of Microsoft’s WeSpeakCode campaign, in Manila.

The global WeSpeakCode initiative aims to make coding (a process Web developers and programmers use to create a computer game or application) a regular subject in the school curriculum, Microsoft audience marketing manager John Paul Sibug said.

In the Philippines, the campaign was initially designed to train K-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) students for free, Sibug said.

The idea to expand the program and include the differently abled came up when, in a Microsoft activity, Sibug noticed a participant without an arm.

The proposal won as WeSpeakCode’s next best idea during the Microsoft Asia Pacific-wide competition in April.

Having received funding for the WeSpeakCode program for PWDs, Sibug initiated the free coding workshops along with Microsoft’s citizenship specialist Geo Corneby and academic programs specialist Duchess Domagsang.

The workshops, Sibug said, aim “to break the barrier between PWDs and the world through technology.”

Teaching PWDs programming and coding for free would open up more job opportunities for them, Sibug said.

 CORNEBY introduces Dau Elementary School deaf students to computer coding. PHOTO BY ALEXIS CORPUZ

CORNEBY introduces Dau Elementary School deaf students to computer coding. PHOTO BY ALEXIS CORPUZ

In the morning, 18 Special Education (SPED) pupils from Dau Elementary School attended the coding workshop. Other PWDs in Dau attended the afternoon session.

During the workshop, Amos Changcoco, a 20-year-old De La Salle University (DLSU) Information System senior, used tutorials from the website.

Changcoco taught the students with Blockly, a drag-and-drop visual programming editor that teaches coding using games. “Tutorials on the website are made easier because themes patterned after the game ‘Angry Birds’ and the movie ‘Frozen’ are used,” he said.

Carlos Caballero, a 23-year-old Computer Engineering junior at Far Eastern University Institute of Technology, discussed the codes in website development through Codecademy, which offers codes and other programming languages like JavaScript, CSS and C++.

SPED teacher Gina Caya of Dau Elementary School, who interpreted for the deaf students through sign language, said Grade 6 pupils Geraldine Amurao, 15, and Joshua Datu, 15, said after the workshop that they learned new things and enjoyed the training.

Sibug said the students were interested since coding was something different from playing computer games.

“This project will continue; it’s just the start,” Domagsang said. “What we did was unlock potentials that they (trainees) never knew existed and open possibilities for them.”

She was optimistic they could also bring the workshop to the Visayas and Mindanao for the benefit of PWDs there.

CAYA (standing, left) and her students receive certificates after completing the Microsoft Philippines computer coding workshop.

CAYA (standing, left) and her students receive certificates after completing the Microsoft Philippines computer coding workshop.

Other trainers at the Dau workshop were Kristian Catahan, 20, of DLSU; Ian Christopher de Torres 20, of Enverga University; and Gladys Joy Alcantara, 19, of Treston Colleges.

The partnership between Microsoft Philippines and the 50-year-old St. Mutien College was being transformed into a social enterprise, said resident social entrepreneur Noreen Bautista.

St. Mutien, which aims to develop professionals and entrepreneurs for the new economy, was envisioned to be technology-driven. Among its social objectives is to train PWDs and make them able professionals, Bautista said.

“[I]t’s fitting that we (Microsoft and St. Mutien) found a common ground in the advocacy of making programming accessible to the deaf community through … WeSpeakCode,” Bautista said.

“The school is launching soon a center for PWD entrepreneurs (PWDe) [that will offer] technology and business training … particularly to the deaf,” she said.

Corneby made partnerships with schools like St. Mutien College possible. The school invited Caya to undergo the coding training.

“We use technology to contribute to education and create employment to improve the lives of people in communities,” Corneby said. “The whole experience is empowering and life-changing for people who participate and contribute.”


FEU Tech SM scholar sparks hope for future leaders

“I did not have any direction in life while growing up,” said John Angelo Cruz, an Engineering graduate from FEU Institute of Technology.

With his mother unemployed at that time, he shares that growing up was challenging as John and his seven cousins had to make ends meet with just their grandparents’ small pension money.  He recalls, “Back when I was still in grade one, I had to survive on an allowance of five pesos for two days. On the first day, I would usually buy lugaw for three pesos and the rest for candy that I would sell in class so I can earn three pesos more to cover for the next day.”

John’s story is just one among those that were shared in an intimate ceremony as 263 new scholar graduates under SM Foundation were presented to its founder and benefactor, Henry Sy, Sr.

Established in 1993, the SM Foundation’s College Scholarship Program awards full-college scholarships yearly to over 250 underprivileged but highly deserving public high school graduates nationwide. Guided by SMFI’s principle of People Helping People, the program was inspired by the belief of Mr. Sy on the power of education which can provide equal opportunities to enable one to achieve his full potential.

As part of the scholarship, the students receive full tuition subsidy as well as a monthly stipend for the course of their choice from the Foundation’s 84 partner schools nationwide. Moreover, taking a more holistic approach in the development of its scholars, the program provides opportunities for an annual general assembly, recollection, and an option for summer and Christmas break jobs.

Unlike usual scholarship programs, beneficiaries of the SM College Scholarship Program are not mandated to render services to the SM Group of Companies after they graduate. “As far as SM is concerned, there are no strings attached. All our scholar-graduates are free to pursue any opportunity that comes along, including job offers from our Group,” said Carmen Linda Atayde, SM Foundation Executive Director for Education.

“We wish them all the best and are hopeful that the training they received as scholars will equip them with skills and values to take on any challenge that they may face later in their respective careers.”

To date, the program has produced 2,160 graduates, and continues to support 1,500 beneficiaries through its partner institutions. Moreover, this year’s batch included 62 students finishing with Latin honors and academic distinction as well as four Engineering Board Licensure Examination top-notchers from FEU Institute of Technology, namely Mark Anthony Teodoro (3rd, Electrical Engineering), Mark Anthony Tiquio (3rd, Civil Engineering), Jenes Borais (8th, Civil Engineering), and John Angelo Cruz (7th, Civil Engineering).

Looking back on those hard times, John shares, “In the long run, my attitude changed when I thought about the opportunities that came my way.” Motivated by his experiences, he continued to challenge himself which opened doors for him.

“We don’t always get what we want. But you need to remember that God has a bigger plan for us,” Cruz adds. True enough, the small kid who used to sell candies now stands tall as a licensed Civil Engineer. “Thank you so much SM Foundation! I wouldn’t know where I’ll be without you,” John, who also finished cum laude, looks brightly toward the future.

Source: Manila Standard Today


Yanna Unstoppable: FEU Tech Scholar and CpE Cum Laude Graduate

Alianna Tan is a tough girl with a lot of energy and passion, and, when she puts her mind to accomplishing something,
she’s all business. But, most of all, she’s friendly, well-read, and knowledgeable of a lot of things, and was a former member of The Innovator. It was great meeting one of our own again.

While at FEU Tech, “Yanna” (her nickname) was an extremely active student, one who had many roles on campus. She was a
scholar, a writer, a poet, a keynote speaker, an essay contest winner, a pageant queen (2012 iTam Ambassador), a 1st runner-up winner at a national pageant for engineers, a national oratorical completion contestant, a Leadership Award winner—the list goes on and on.

She’s definitely no wallflower, but, according to Yanna, she was a bit of an introvert as a youth, and it wasn’t until her more formative years did she become more outgoing and competitive, especially with grades. She graduated salutatorian from preparatory school and valedictorian from high school. “I was very focused on academics. You could call me a bookworm. I didn’t have many friends! But I definitely came out of my shell during college.” she says, laughing.

When she joined FEU Tech, she received the President Scholarship, which covered all tuition costs and provides a monthly
allowance. “If not for my scholarship, I don’t think I could’ve pursued my dream of being an engineer,” the former FEU Tech
student shares. “I chose Computer Engineering because I really found it innovative and in demand. Even when things got difficult at times, I refused to quit. If you really want something, the whole universe conspires with you—you become unstoppable.”

Shortly after graduation, Yanna was hired as an Incident Management Analyst for Chevron, one of the world’s biggest energy
companies. In her spare time, she continues to write and hopes to inspire others with words. Check out her blog for more about the amazing Yanna (

SM Foundation honors FEU Tech Engineering topnotchers

FEU Tech topnotchers Engr. Jenes Borais, Engr. Mark Anthony Teodoro, Engr. Mark Anthony Tiquio, and Engr. John Angelo Cruz are among the 263 SM Foundation scholars honored last May 27, 2015 at SMX Pasay City for their excellent dedication to their education. Scholars who graduated cum laude from their respective schools are all present at the said event.

FEU Tech and GoNegosyo Host Technopreneurship Conference

The Far Eastern University Institute of Technology’s Information Technology Education Department and Industry-Academe Linkage, Alumni and Placement Office (IALAP) in cooperation with GoNegosyo held a Technopreneurship Conference at the FEU Institute of Technology Multipurpose Hall last April 29, 2015.

The student conference was attended by over 150 students taking up Information Technology, Computer Science and other technology-related courses.

FEU Institute of Technology BSIT program Officer-In-Charge, Ms. Irish Juanatas opened the event as she welcomed the participants and the speakers. It was then followed by GoNegosyo’s Program Development Manager, Mr. John Paul Uminga who gave a brief background on GoNegosyo advocacy. Mr. Uminga also served as the conference facilitator.

The open forum is moderated by Mr. John Paul Uminga (right most) together with the speakers (from left to right) Ms. Beverly Tantiansu, Mr. Ragde Falcis and Ms. Aisa Mijeno.

The open forum is moderated by Mr. John Paul Uminga (right most) together with the speakers (from left to right) Ms. Beverly Tantiansu, Mr. Ragde Falcis and Ms. Aisa Mijeno.

During the conference, technology start-ups shared their entrepreneurial journeys as Ideaspace’s qualifying companies, they are Mr. Ragde Falcis, Chief Technology of Office of and Ms. Aisa Mijeno, Chief Executive Officer of SALt: Sustainable Alternative Lighting. Smart Communication’s Senior Business Analyst and Ideaspace mentor, Ms. Beverly Tantiansu presented Ideaspace and gave practical advice in what angel investors and accelerator would look for start-ups.

To cap the session, the Southeast Asia Mobile Application Challenge Philippine winners and representatives to the Singapore finals (Volo and HIA) presented their application pitch to give the students a glimpse during the last run of the competition.

PA de Guzman, GoNegosyo’s Programs and Marketing Officer encouraged students and teams to think of problems that can be solved by mobile applications.

Source: GoNegosyo Blog

FEU Institute of Technology Building Inauguration

by Redvan Lins Acosta

Last April 17, FEU Tech had its Building Inauguration held at the FEU Institute of Technology Student Plaza and was made possible with the help of the Student Coordinating Council and RSO student leaders. It was attended by the Montinola Family: FEU Chairmain Mr. Aurelio Montinola III, FEU Vice President for Corporate Affairs Atty. Gianna Montinola, FEU Chief Financial Officer Mr. Juan Miguel Montinola, FERN Realty President Anton Montinola. FEU President Dr. Michael Alba, FEU Tech Executive Director Mr. Benson Tan, FEU Tech Board of Directors Members Dr. Angel Lazaro III and Dr. Paulino Tan, former FEU President Dr. Lydia Echauz, and FEU Tech Senior Director for Administration Mr. Jarvis Muyargas are also present at the event.

The FEU Drum and Bugle Corps led the anthem followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. The priest, executives, and associates began the blessing proper on the 14th all the way up to the 17th floor accompanied by a rosary prayer.

Dr. Alba shared a few words and pointed out that technological innovation promised by the building is not for FEU alone but also for the rest of the country. The Modern Marvel which is the FEU Tech building will be the avenue for higher education to achieve greater heights. Today, the building stands as the highest educational institution in the area which can accommodate around 5,000 students.

FEU Tech celebrates Techno Fest 2015

FEU Institute of Technology’s Student Coordinating Council will be hosting its annual Techno Fest from April 27 to 30, at the FEU Tech Building, Sampaloc, Manila. This event is a 4-day celebration of technological innovation and discovery, culminating in the highly anticipated iTam Night, a huge free concert for students. This year’s big stars include Gracenote, Maude, Giniling Festival, Moonstar88, Chicosci, Itchyworms, Up Dharma Down, and others.

Organizers are anticipating the biggest Techno Fest yet, with more exhibits, more shows, and more fun. The Industry’s latest advancements in technology will also be featured, giving the students the opportunity to experience the world’s next wave of innovations before others. Techno Fest will kick off with Techno Clash, a competition of student projects and studies, followed by Technovation where industry experts will share their experience and knowledge regarding their respective fields, providing students a more in-depth look into the real-world.

Students will also get to enjoy Techno Wave, a combined effort from Registered Student Organizations in promoting camaraderie amongst their peers through interactive games and activities. Attendees can then meet and greet Industry Partners from different fields of expertise at the Techno Zone, a showcase of the products and services they provide.

This year’s Techno Fest also features a talk from special guest Chelle Obligacion Gray, the Development Relations Community Manager of Google South East Asia. And, to end the festivities with a bang, the College will get to rock out with celebrities on iTam Night, one of FEU Tech’s biggest concerts of the year. Past featured stars included Yeng Constantino, Silent Sanctuary, Young JV, Janice Javier, Join the Club, Alex Diaz, and Ingrid dela

FEU Tech and SCC encourage all of our students to join the fun and excitement. See you there,


TOPNOTCHER: Junestherry Salvador

FEU Tech magna cum laude graduate and Electronics Engineering Board Exam Topnotcher Junestherry Salvador (“June,” for short) is a bright, confident young lady with a quiet brilliance in her eyes. During her interview, her voice had a careful intensity, especially when she talked about her younger years, about losing her father at an early age, and about how she was sent to stay with her grandmother in Bohol while her mother worked to provide for the family. “My mother thought of going abroad but she decided to stay and be with us instead. My youngest sibling was only a few months old then, and it really made me see how my mom had to struggle for our family,” June said.

Life’s challenges, however, did not stop her brilliance from shining through. With her topnotch grades at Manila Science High School and a stellar perforance on FEU Tech’s entrance exam, June received a full scholarship to study Electronics Engineering, where she also excelled among her classmates. “Thinking about the hardships my mom faced for us really made me want to study hard and pursue my dreams. There was a time where I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight and was rewarded by being on top of our review class,” she said proudly.

Like her mother, who eventually became an FEU faculty member, June had a passion for teaching, doing her best to guide her classmates in their study groups, which they affectionately called “June’s Review Center.” Even when she was bogged down with projects, a thesis and defense, and plenty of exams, she was always able to help her friends.

And that’s the true genius of June: she can manage her time incredibly well. For example, despite hours spent commuting to and from school, she still stayed on top of everything, maintained excellent grades, and was able to keep an active social life, choosing to watch movies and go on food trips with friends in her spare time. On top of all that, she became an excellent pianist.

“Always learn and practice the value of discipline, responsibility, and time management—it will definitely help you set your future,” she said.

We have no doubt that Junestherry’s passion and confidence will help her fulfill anything she aspires to accomplish. We look forward to seeing her future!


Jhaimarr San Miguel places third in Germany poster-making contest

A 19-year-old student from the Far Eastern University placed third in an international student poster-making competition held in Berlin in observance of the United Nations World Water Day last March 23, a news release from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

Jhaimarr San Miguel of the FEU-Institute of Technology was the lone representative from the Philippines for the competition dubbed “Water is Life 2015,” sponsored by the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK).

San Miguel, who bested more than 4,800 student-artists from 81 countries, told the Philippine Embassy in Berlin that it was only his second time submitting to a graphics design competition.

His poster followed the event’s challenge for “creating a poster that called out for a more responsible approach to water consumption and for raising awareness on the need for access to drinking water as it affects the health of more than 1.8 billion people worldwide.”

According to San Miguel, the competition served as a reminder about the importance of water as a resource and that “every drop counts.”

Jennifer Borja from Columbia and Jialiang Qin from China won first and second place, respectively. —Rie Takumi/KBK

Source:  GMA News 

The Stat Whiz: Jomar Calauod

Beating Ateneo and UP at the Philippines Statistics Quiz in NCR was something Jomar B. Calauod  didn’t expect to achieve. As a 1st year BS Electronics and Communication Engineering student at FEU Institute of Technology, he joined the competition in order to bring the best of his abilities and kept his mind set on competing against himself rather than others.

Prior to bagging first place at the Philippines Statistics Quiz competition, Jomar was a Regional Finalist for the Science Quiz Bee, an MTAP.DePed sector finalist, and received other various awards as a high school student. Being an accomplished student, Jomar knew then that in order to succeed he should choose the right school for expanding his knowledge and skills.

“I was on my way to PUP Taguig when I saw the website of FEU Tech and was impressed by the stories and accomplishments of the students. It made me feel like I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Then I saw the application for an SM scholar, and I was able to qualify,” Jomar shared.  “It has really changed my life.”

During his free time, Jomar enjoys building robots, playing Pokémon games, and reading. When asked how he imagines himself in 10 years, the stat quiz champ says that he dreams of working for NASA as an astronautics engineer.

To further hone his academic abilities, Jomar will soon be competing at the Search for Math Wizards competition at the Technological University of the Philippines.

For Jomar, success is about pushing forward and constantly trying to improve: “For the students of FEU Tech, just aim high and never stop trying to do your best.”

FEU Tech celebrates National Science Technology week

In celebration of National Science and Technology Week, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), a Philippine government lead organization, annually hosts Science Nation, a five day exhibit of inventions, science projects, and technology innovations from around the Philippines. This year’s event was held at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, from July 24 to 28.

FEU Tech participates in this event annually. Its contribution this year was an exhibit of student projects. On display was a robotic arm controlled by hand and arm movements; an Android app that accesses CCTV systems at Metro Rail Transit stations to measure passenger volume and alert users of heavy pedestrian traffic and train crowding; and an advanced wearable obstacle detector for the blind.

FEU Tech joins Inter-Ed’s 26th Career Counseling and Guidance Fair

FEU Tech was a featured exhibitor at the 26th Career Counseling and Guidance Fair hosted by International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed), from September 3 to 5, at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), Pasay City.

This fair has been held annually since 1988 and has been instrumental in helping Philippine students choose the college and career path best for them. This year’s event welcomed over 10,000 students from over 125 high schools nationwide, the largest attendance in Inter-Ed’s history. Exhibitors at the event were from both local and international academic institutions and organizations.

Inter-Ed was founded in 1980 with the mission to help send Philippine students overseas to study abroad. They are partnered with institutions and organizations in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Inter-Ed co-founded Southville Foreign University, STA Travel, and Future Perfect Business English Specialists.

Mr. Roger Bartholomew and Mrs. Helen Bartholomew, the founders of Inter-Ed, were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony and welcomed students to the event. Mr. Bartholomew, who is also president of the organization, has been a committed advocate of empowering the Philippines through education and has been supportive of the country’s transition to K-12, noting that, despite the challenges schools and colleges will face, the advantages of the transition are numerous.

This is FEU Tech’s 1st year at Career Counseling and Guidance Fair, and its 10th overall (it was present in previous years as FEU – East Asia College). The College looks forward to continuing its fruitful relationship with Inter-Ed and its support of education in the Philippines.

Here’s How to Advance ICT Education

FEU Tech leverages their partnership with PLDT ALPHA Enterprise to provide a high-quality educational curriculum and environment for students.

Foreseeing a need for computer technology leaders, in 1992 the FEU Institute of Technology (FEU TECH, then known as East Asia College of Information Technology) was founded, focused on providing high quality computer education. Within 20 years, the school had grown to a vibrant and innovative community of technology scholars and professionals, with a student body of more than 8,000 students.

To better house its growing student population, FEU Tech has built an impressive 17-storey building, which its officials have dubbed the ‘Modern Marvel’. The new FEU Tech Building features an electronic library, a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, eco-friendly Green Building Technology, advanced e-Building security, fully equipped classrooms and laboratories, complete Wi-Fi accessibility, and an observation deck with a breathtaking view of the entire city.

At the heart of FEU Tech’s new technology hub is the connectivity and ICT infrastructure required for a truly advanced learning environment. To accomplish this, FEU Tech turned to PLDT ALPHA Enterprise for an end-to-end building fit-out solution, installation of 300 CCTV cameras, and total building wiring for Wi-Fi connectivity.

PLDT FVP and Head of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and SMART Enterprise Sales and Marketing Jovy Hernandez warmly welcomed the FEU Tech representatives to PLDT, adding he was always eager to collaborate with educational institutions. “The future of the Philippines rests on your students,” he said. “We are very happy that you have trusted us with this and we take pride in partnerships with institutions like yours.”

In reply, FEU Tech Executive Director Benson Tan complimented the PLDT team for their cheerful and helpful demeanor through long hours of negotiation. “Among our partners, SMART and PLDT are the easiest to talk to. We have a very good relationship with our PLDT team, and we are glad that they are helping us.” He added that close FEU Tech-PLDT ties go beyond contracts, and are in fact integral to the important programs developed for students.

Mr. Tan expounded further on FEU Tech’s mission. “We aim to provide our students with the highest quality education possible, and we work to help them land good jobs with meaningful positions,” said Mr. Tan. “We constantly revise our curriculum to meet the shifting requirements of the ever-evolving world of technology— address the big gap between academe and industry needs. FEU Tech strives to make sure programs are up-to-date and relevant through program specializations.”

To meet these goals, Mr. Tan and FEU Tech are looking to PLDT’s ICT innovations, including teleconferencing and e-learning solutions, to achieve a “balance of online accessibility and offline person-to-person interaction.”

“It is important that we provide a seamless connection between faculty and students like teleconferencing, online access to teaching materials, and online chat. We’re aiming for a paperless system; for example, we hope to enhance security by using our 300 CCTV cameras to keep surveillance and monitor attendance,” Mr. Tan said.

FEU Tech has expressed their confidence in PLDT to provide the means to accomplish these goals. “We chose PLDT because they have one of the biggest networks, and the biggest pools of expertise. Their quality service was also a defining part of our decision in choosing them as a partner. Good partners make good partnerships, and good partnerships create growth and innovation,” said Mr. Tan.

- See more at:

FEU Tech student and cancer warrior tops YMCA essay contest

AN Engineering senior student from the Far Eastern University who has been battling lymphoma topped the recent on-the-spot essay writing contest sponsored by the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) held in the YMCA Manila.

Ibon’s gold award came few months after he capped the annual Angel Palanca Award for Peace where he received a bronze medal in the essay writing category.

His piece, entitled “Wish to See in this World”, was also a first in the history of the Far Eastern University Institute of Technology.

Earlier, the 24-year-old native of Batangas City and son of journalist Cris A. Ibon, also won the silver medal in the National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute on-the-spot essay writing contest sponsored by Order of the Knights of Rizal, held in Baguio City for his “Rizal in Me”, where he showed how the national hero can be resurrected among the youth today.

His “I am a Battle Field”, won a gold medal in the SULOK Creative Competition sponsored by the FEU Institute of Technology School Publications, documenting his battle against Stage 3B, Hodgkin Lymphoma, a form of cancerous cell.

About four years ago, Ibon was in his last term in his engineering course whe he was diagnosed for cancer.

He underwent series of chemotherapy at the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City and was given a slim chance to survive.

Instead of giving up, Ibon takes to writing and banks on faith to live and fight another day.


The Innovator, Issue 2, Volume 2, 2014, Retraction

Statement of Retraction: “#iTam Night,”

The Innovator, Issue 2, Volume 2, 2014

Shortly after the release of this issue of The Innovator, it came to our attention that the statement “Shining Starlet” made in reference to Ms. Ingrid dela Paz, in the article “iTam Night,” might be interpreted negatively. We would like to officially state that The Innovator meant no disrespect to Ms. dela Paz and would like to make an official retraction of the statement in question. Our apologies to Ms. dela Paz.