Program and Services

To achieve the strategies of the unit an array of program and services were developed:


An iTam practice in improving, protecting, preserving and restoring the natural environment. It is an activity involving the entire college community.

1. Environmental Advocacy

An iTam means of recognizing the spirit of volunteerism. This week-long activity unites the College in charity work and showcases the college community involvement accomplishments.

1. iTamBayani Award

In-campus level
Out-campus level

2. Photo Exhibits of the College Community Involvement programs and services

An iTam way of sharing the gift of self, time, talent and expertise through technology transfer to the partner community and/or social welfare agency. The in-house training and direct-in-location services rendered by the associates and students provide a venue to reach out to the underprivileged members of the society.

It involves the academic departments and Recognized Students Organizations:

  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
  • Information Technology Education Department
  • Computer Engineering Department
  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences
  • Humanities Social Sciences and Communication Department

Each academic department and Recognized Student Organizations designed the activities according to the needs of the clientele and the department/organizations’ specialization.

Academic Departments:
1. In-House Training
2. In-location Training
3. Livelihood and Income Generating Training

Recognized Student Organizations:
Outreach activities in line with the organizations vision-mission-goal.

A campus-based/and or off-campus iTam activity that aims to provide an opportunity to associates, students, community partners, non-government organizations and or general public to share their thoughts and insights on current social issues and concerns.

1. iTamSocial Forum

An iTam action that demonstrates the Bayanihan spirit among the Filipinos in times of crisis. This provides a venue for the College to respond to the needs of the communities displaced by natural or man-made disasters through generation of resources from associates, students, and alumni. It also depicts the college collaborative effort to share the resources to the under privileged members of the society

1. iTam Christmas Party
2. iTam Relief Goods Donation Drive
3. Fund Drive
4. Linkages


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