Guidance Unit



The Guidance Unit (GU) of the Student Affairs and Community Services Office (SACSO) serves as the students’ partner in achieving success in their academic, career, and personal/social domains. It is a place where any student can go and talk about concerns that affect his/her life as a college student and as an individual. Problems or issues discussed in individual sessions with any of the counselors are treated with confidentiality and do not appear in the students’ academic records.


The Student Affairs and Community Services Office is a center of highest quality services focused on the holistic development of the entire FEU Institute of Technology.

The Guidance Unit exists to provide guidance and counseling services that will facilitate students in actualizing their potentials to become responsible and principled individuals.

The Guidance Unit is operated by licensed and competent professionals who work hard to offer a wide-range of programs and services that aim to CARE:

Cultivate among students a strong sense of respect and appreciation for oneself, others, and the world.

Advocate and facilitate students’ academic achievement and success in their chosen careers

Respond to students’ needs and concerns while recognizing their strengths and potentials

Enrich students with information and skills necessary to make sound life choices and career decisions.


Enrollment Directory 2nd Term SY 2017-2018