The Innovator

The Innovator


“The Innovator” is the official student publication of FEU Institute of Technology. Its main objective is to provide the academic community information on the activities of organizations and achievements of the students. The student publication assures the development of professional and responsible campus journalism among the Editorial Board and its staff.


The Vision is to provide the FEU Institute of Technology community with pertinent information and to act as an agent of change within the community.

The Mission is to provide accurate and relevant news and information to the FEU Institute of Technology community. To foster objective reportage among publication staff members.


Established last September 2006, the first Editor-in-Chief was Ms. Kristine Raymundo and the adviser was Mr. Henry G. Magat.


Course & Year
 President (Editor-in-Chief)  Elaine Anne D. Mercado  BSITDA / 4th year
 Vice President (Senior Coordinator)  Nelson G. Villamayor  BSECE / 2nd year
 Secretary (Content Editor)  Redvan E. Acosta  BSITDA / 4th year
 Director for Graphic Arts (Head Graphics Arts)  Mikee M. Pimentel  BSITDA / 4th year
 Director for Photography and Social Networks (Senior Photographer)  Kim P. Magpantay  BSITDA / 4th year
 Director for Photography and Social Networks (Senior Photographer)  Justin H. Ostil  BSITDA / 3rd year



OPTIONS 2018 on MAY 24-25, 2018 at the 17th Floor MPR from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.