Youth for Christ



The CFC youth for Christ is affiliated with the Couples for Global Mission Foundation and the network of its corresponding family ministries within the Philippines and abroad. YFC provides a healthy and Christian-support environment for its members in the College through prayer meetings, bible-sharing, peer counseling, and other activities.


The Mission and Vision of CFC Youth for Christ – FEU Tech Chapter is based on the words of scripture, to “Unite all things in Christ” (Eph. 1:10). It is a response to the call of our Church leadership and our University to proclaim Christ to all men.

The Vision is “A Renewed Society in Christ Through the Campuses” and the Mission is “Renewing Society Through Christ Through the Campuses.”

As our University strives to send out into the world men who are fully human, wholly Christian and truly Filipino, we have made it our mission to be partners in this task by providing Christian peer support to as many students as possible. We make it our mission to speak to our peers of Christ, and by the grace of God, to be witnesses for Him in the College.

Through this, we are confident that we will be used by Him as partners in our College in molding men who will be of service to Christ in His Church, and in the larger community of our society and the whole world.


CFC Youth for Christ – FEU Tech is affiliated to the Couples of Christ Global Mission Foundation and the network of its corresponding family ministries within the Philippines and abroad, both school and Community based groups. CFC Singles for Christ, CGC Youth for Christ, CFC Kids for Christ, CFC Handmaids of the Lord, CFC Servants of the Lord. CFC Youth for Christ – FEU Tech was founded last August 2001.


Course & Year
 President  Rye Israel A. Hernandez  BSECE / 4th year
 Vice- President -Internal  Marvie D. Hernando  BSECE / 4th year
 Vice-President – External  John Ronald M. Kuizon  BSCSSE / 2nd year
 Secretary  Neilyn Pearl R. Asil  BSCE / 4th year
 Treasurer  Joy Mae D. Nagales  BSCE / 4th year
 Auditor  Kathren Mae A. Gabin  BSCE / 3rd year
 PRO  Ryan Jasper D. Villanueva  BSCE / 1st year
 Director for Outreach  Gabriel D. Lorena  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Special Events  John Paul S. Ignalig  BSECE / 4th year
 Director for Household  Alecz S. Reyes  BSCE / 2nd year
 Director for Music Ministry  Bernadine Jardino  BSECE / 1st year
 Director for Logistics  Eftisam H. Maribojoc  BSECE / 4th year
 Director for Documentation  Bonifacio Ferolino III
 Chapter Head for CE  Raymond Academia  BSCE / 4th year
 Chapter Head for ECE  Mark Mondejar  BSECE / 4th year
 Chapter Head for IT  Nhicole Tindioco  BSITDA / 2nd year
 Chapter Head for EE  Sharmaine Sajise  BSEE / 3rd year



OPTIONS 2018 on MAY 24-25, 2018 at the 17th Floor MPR from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.