Student Activities and Development Unit

The Student Development and Activities Unit (SADU) aims to develop students to become effective leaders, efficient followers, and good examples to others cognizant of their talents and skills and put these in productive endeavors not only in school but also in the community where they live. These shall be realized through students’ participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


The Student Development component creates programs that seek to encourage the formation of students whose activities are geared toward social, cultural, spiritual, technological advancement, and recreational aspects of development. It offers the following programs:

  • Holistic Development Program
  • Leadership Training Seminar
  • Efficiency Training
  • Retreat and Recollection
  • SACSO-sponsored Trainings and Seminars
  • RSO-sponsored Seminars and Trainings
  • Sports Activities


The Student Activities component supervises and regulates the operations of student organizations. This unit is responsible for all student activities like:

  • Grant, renew, and revoke Accreditation of Organizations
  • Recognition of Advisers
  • Approval of Student Activities
  • Approval of materials for posting
  • Issuance of waivers for off-campus and overnight activities
  • Selection of contingencies to National Conventions and Conferences

Enrollment Directory 2nd Term SY 2017-2018