Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication


With the goal of elevating the competency of each student, the HSC Department of FEU Institute of Technology extends its expertise to contribute to the overall development of students through a set of knowledge areas and values integration. As a service department, it also provides general requirements to the curricular offerings of the College in the following sub units:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Communication, that includes Filipino, English, and Foreign Language courses
  • Physical Education
  • National Service Training Program (NSTP)


In order to support its different language programs, the HSC established the English Resource Center (ERC) and the Language Laboratory to provide individualized tutorials, self-access to materials and equipment, and small-group instruction aimed at developing overall English proficiency.


Since its beginning, the ERC has continued to revolutionize its services to the whole academic community by offering different services including Thesis Editing, Student Résumé Editing, Student Résumé Writing Workshop, Academic Mentoring Program, and Interview Enhancement Training among others.

  •  Thesis Editing

In order to guide and help students with their thesis requirements, the ERC has two full-time editors who will attend and provide the necessary editing in terms of grammar and writing styles for student thesis for each department.

  • Student Résumé Editing

Aiming to further guide students to a brighter future, student résumés submitted to IALAP for OJT placements pass through the ERC for grammar and format checking.

  • Student Résumé Writing Workshop

The ERC aspires to service all students including OJT candidates who have not attended Professional Ethics (PROE) classes (i.e. Engineering students) and guide them through a one-hour orientation required for them to learn about drafting their student résumés and be accepted for the editing services.

  • Academic Mentoring Program

Another great service for the students is giving assistance to those who are experiencing difficulty in grammar and other English language skills both in oral and written communication. Enlistment in the program is based either on instructor’s referral or on a student’s voluntary personal choice. This assistance is open to bonafide students of FEU Institute of Technology and it is offered free from any monetary obligation.

  • Interview Enhancement Training

Attending to the need of ensuring each student from FEU Tech to be ready for real world opportunities, PROE students who do not pass their mock interviews will be recommended by their advisers to undergo further mentoring under ERC.

  • Other Services:
    • Film viewing – ERC has a collection of films for students to watch with their friends and classmates (minimum of 10 persons) during their free time.
    • English Language Test for Foreign Student Applicants – Together with AERO and the Registrar’s Office, the ERC conducts a required language test for applicants from non-English speaking countries.
    • Consulting in language-related tasks – Upperclassmen may seek the help of ERC assistance in grammar and other language related matters.
    • 10-hour ERC stint for ENSP703 students – Freshmen students taking up ENSP703 are required to visit the ERC for 10 cumulative hours within the term for additional points.
    • Interview Simulation – Practices the PROE class students with mock interviews that will prepare them for the actual thing.
    • InCite Secretariat – ERC provides help for the InCite Committee with their communication needs for the annual conference.
    • Philippine Journal of Technology – Coordinators and editors of ERC are also part of the editorial staff of the college research journal.
    • Word Games (Board and Computer) – Students can enhance their vocabulary and communications skills through playing word board and computer games during ERC office hours.
    • Selected books on shelf – Students are free to browse and read books that were donated by the library or donated to the ERC during their free time.
    • Speech Mentoring for honor grads – Helps honor candidates in the proper way of writing and delivering of their respective welcome remarks and valedictory speeches for graduation.


The Language Laboratory (LL) aims to help students enrolled in English language courses enhance their communication skills in a positive, friendly, and safe environment. Through its latest hardware and software technology especially designed for the development of the students’ language faculty, the LL truly provides an avenue for students to practice and develop their oral-aural skills necessary in today’s competitive society. As a support to the English communication courses of the College, the LL also provides a unique language learning experience to the students outside the confines of the traditional classroom.


As the college recognizes the demands of industry partners needing communicatively competent and confident job applicants, the HSC Department worked hand in hand with the Industry-Academe Linkage and Alumni Program. A new program consisting of three courses namely ENSP703, ENSP803, and ENSP903 was initiated to produce students that are highly qualified and trained in communication. Each course is 3 units/6 hours a week of contact hours including language laboratory sessions. These courses are taken simultaneously to ensure longer exposure to the target language.

Students are given significant advantages by taking this program as they are given ample amount of opportunity to practice and use English in their day-to-day communication through speaking and writing. It also helps build their confidence in delivering presentations as they become better communicators that will help them in their future professions.