Math and Physical Sciences


Striving to be a leader in establishing solid foundations in engineering and technology, the Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) Department commits itself in providing quality instruction through continuous professional advancement of its Associates. Furthermore, it adheres to give constant support to other departments and to the FEU-TECH community engaging in creative pursuits by doing relevant research while actively participating in community extension services.


FEU-Tech and MPS understand the need to make college mathematics easier to understand especially for those dreaming to excel and finish their respective IT or Engineering programs. With this in mind, the Math Resource Center (MRC) was established to offer the following services:


Faculty consultation gives students the convenience of clarifying and inquiring with their teachers regarding their academic standings; students can also ask for assistance with regards to difficulties they are facing with their lessons, missed examinations, and other concerns. MPS faculty members have consultation schedules at MRC.


MRC creates an atmosphere that is friendly, non-intimidating and where students may learn math through one-on-one peer tutoring or even group tutoring. Students who excel in Math are encouraged to become peer tutors. While the tutees learn from tutorial services, the tutors as well gain mastery of the mathematical concepts and acquire not only mathematical skills but self confidence, leadership, and self esteem.


Becoming an independent learner is acquiring skills for life-long learning. Using detailed study modules and the assistance of MRC-In Charge or faculty members, the student is given the opportunity to be self-reliant and to be responsible in his own learning. Answer Keys are provided for each module. This develops good learning habits and the learning process develops confidence among students.


MRC provides students a second chance in learning a lesson in Math. This also provides an opportunity for students to catch up on their lessons in case they were absent from their regular class by simply requesting Enhancement classes for certain lessons they need to focus on.


MRC develops the students to their fullest potential, training them for national Math and Science Competitions. FEU Tech’s MPS had produced winners from various competitions and has garnered numerous awards that continuously made the college proud. This year, students have bagged recognitions in almost every contest they have joined with the help of expert coaching and dedication that MRC had provided.