Bachelor of Multimedia Arts


The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts aligns itself with the rapid convergence of media technologies and practices by developing conceptual, technical, aesthetic, and professional competencies for effective, critical, and innovative storytelling across a range or combination of media forms for various purposes. This field also recognizes that digital media combine different forms of expression and communication networks for an interface of the local and global, the national and transnational.

BMA aims to produce competent digital artists and communicators capable of articulating and incorporating Philippine cultural context identities and formations in global and transnational discourses.


The program aims to prepare students to produce quality and creative multimedia projects. At the same time, it teaches them how to evaluate and articulate the societal, aesthetic, communicative, and ethical value of the projects based on the global trends and issues in multimedia technologies, design, and practice.

They will also be able to demonstrate proficiency, technical expertise, and professionalism in the production of multimedia projects and collaborate effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.


  • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Graphics and Animation Laboratory
  • Mobile Applications and Graphics Laboratory
  • Drawing Laboratory
  • Studio Lab
  • Photography Lab


  • Abigail L. Alix
  • Melba S. Besa
  • John Heland Jasper C. Ortega
  • Tritzie Samantha Marie P. Umali
  • Wilson L. Yu II