Business Analytics


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares students to be IT professionals and researchers, and to be proficient in designing and developing computing solutions.   This is a program that will prepare you for a successful, rewarding career in specification design, coding and testing of software. Emphasis is on software engineering, database, WWW, and large-scale software.
The program trains students in the discipline of software engineering, focusing on the design of efficient, reliable, and quality software application.  Students of this program are also encouraged to explore their research interests and discover innovative technology that will help shape the future of Computer Science Research.

In addition, this specialization track is a supplement to the existing ITE programs which aims to develop student’s skills and knowledge in the application of data and information that can be used by the industry for operational optimization, effective decision-making and competitive advantages.

Skills That Will be Acquired by the Students:

  • Application of fundamental computer concepts as problem solving skills
  • Design and implementation of computer-based solutions
  • Recognition and application of technical standards and interoperability
  • Research in Computer Science related areas
  • Integration of knowledge learned in different areas of Computer Science
  • Understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities and appreciate the impact of computer science solutions in the societal context
  • Computing tools in knowledge application
  • Data Management Concepts and Data Availability for Reliable Business Decisions
  • Understanding of Business Intelligence
  • Application of Analytics Modeling Concepts and Analytics Tools
  • In-depth understanding of business processes
  • Work effectively as team members

Career Opportunities Open to Graduates of the Program:

  •  Applications Programmer/Developer
  • Computer Science Instructor
  • Database Programmer/Designer
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • QA Specialist
  • Researcher
  • System Administrator
  • Systems Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Report Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Technical Writer