Game Development


Game Development is the study and application of fundamental and advanced theories in game design, scientific simulations, use and development of gaming technology and tools, and production of commercially acceptable digital games and viable solutions for use in entertainment and scientific applications.

The BSEMC program, major in Game Development aims to prepare students to be game development professionals with specialized knowledge, competencies, and values in designing, developing, and producing digital games and/or tools, and in managing game development projects for various applications.

Graduates of BSEMC – major in Game Development program are expected to have the following competencies:

  • EMC-related practical and soft skills and values:
    • Communication and Presentation Skills – Creativity and Innovation
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills – Team Work
    • Adaptability to Change
    • Leadership
    • Understanding of EMC Business – Professional Ethics
    • Compliance to Intellectual Property Laws
  • Common Skills
    • Programming Skills
    • Drawing Fundamentals
    • Visual Communication Skills
    • Design Skills
    • Sound Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Applied Mathematics for EMC
  • Game Development Skills
    • Game Programming
    • Game Design
    • Game Production
    • Game Asset Integration
    • Graphics Programming

Career Opportunities Open to Graduates of the Program:

  • Lead Game Programmer/Developer/Tools Developer
  • Associate Technical Director/Game Designer
  • Associate Game Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Senior Interactive Software Developer
  • Associate Game Producer
  • Senior Game Sound Engineer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Associate Business Development Specialist for Entertainment and Multimedia Industries