iCARE (iTamaraw Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment)

The iTamaraw Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment is a special unit in FEU Institute of Technology (FEU Tech) that is committed to provide resources and enrich the students’ learning skills in various courses. It is a venue for activities such as individual and group learning, enhancement, review, tutorial, consultation, and training. The center also provides access to materials and equipment aimed at developing overall academic proficiency in Engineering, Computer and Information Technology programs. Students may avail of the following services from iCARE:

Enchancement Classes

iCARE will post schedules of the enhancement classes two weeks after the first day of classes. Students availing this service are requested to sign for the desired enhancement class. Students may also request for topics other than those that are available. iCARE will make arrangements for tutors from the academic departments that can discuss the requested topic. Registered Student Organizations who are joining competitions may also avail of the enhancement classes.

Review Sessions

iCARE provides necessary equipment and materials related to the course of study as required by the faculty member(s). Academic review sessions are usually held a week before the scheduled major examinations and are posted at the center.

Practice Tests

Practice test is a form of remedial test for low-performing students. Faculty members may require practice tests to be taken at the center in order to supplement the class activities. The tests that are provided by the academic departments are designed to familiarize the students on the questions that they would encounter in their examinations.


Faculty members may conduct their consultations at iCARE. Faculty-student consultations give the students the convenience of clarifying and inquiring from their instructors/professors about their academic standings; difficulties in their lessons, missed examinations, and other concerns. Consultation schedules are posted at the center.


Students who have difficulty in understanding certain topics discussed in the classroom seek further discussions that is explained to them through tutorials. Tutoring can be one-to-one or one-to-many. iCARE associates provide tutorials on different topics/lessons. Peer tutoring is also provided to create an atmosphere that is friendly and non-intimidating. Students can avail one-to-one peer tutoring.

English Language Proficiency Training

iCARE offers free trainings to students who wishes to improve their English Language Proficiency (ELP) for their personal and academic advancement. It provides activities and lessons that help improve their oral and written communication skills. This program also helps incoming interns to prepare for their internship and are trained to handle interview questions well, speak with confidence, and be aware of work placed-related issues. The ELP training complements the activities at the Language laboratory classes that provides activities through pragmatic applications of the concepts introduced in the lecture rooms.

Individual and Group Study

Individual study promotes independent learning skill. Students who voluntarily enter the center are provided with instructional modules and tasks for individual study. The student will be guided on what to do as they go through the lessons in the module. When answering problem sets, the student will encounter minimal intervention from tutors to promote and develop confidence on problem solving skills. Group of students seeking tutorial sessions will be given endorsement form to be filled up by their instructor/professor. The endorsement form will identify the specific topics for the students to read and solve problems as recommended by their respective instructor/professor.

iCARE also provides a venue for students to appreciate reading and widen their knowledge and vocabulary on different areas of learning and technology. The center further assists the students in the fulfillment of their documentary requirements. It is characterized by a systematic and comprehensive approach to develop writing skills.

Quizzer Training Pool

iCARE develops students to the fullest capacity for national academic competitions. Academic departments identify and endorse students that they can train to join their quizzer pool. The center also facilitates and assists in the selection of quizzers. Venue and training equipment will be provided by the center.

Learning Resource Centers

Room F1402/F1403 14th Floor, FIT Building


Room F1402/F1403 14th Floor, FIT Building

Email: icare@feutech.edu.ph