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Overcoming “Bad” Memory With Good Study Habits

We normally classify people who can easily remember certain details as intelligent. These are people who are able to memorize textbook lessons word per word, or someone who is able to remember the exact location where you placed your spare change two months ago.

In schools, most teachers evaluate their student’s intelligence based on the child’s ability to answer the exam correctly whether it’s Identification, Definition of Terms, Essay, Formulas and alike. With this, students aspire to be one of those very few people who have very sharp memory.

But did you know that a good memory does not equate to intelligence? While the two are strongly linked, good memory is not necessarily an indication of intelligence. Your working memory can significantly influence your ‘intelligence’ because of its ability to easily retrieve and apply stored information in situations where you need to solve a problem, while intelligence pertains to the ability to solve problems.

It is proposed that the function of the memory is not to transmit information accurately all the time, rather it is to optimize the brain into intelligent decision making by holding onto what’s important and discarding what is considered as irrelevant.  This allows us to adapt to new situations by letting go of outdated and potentially misleading information.

In the classroom setting, teachers in the top universities in the Philippines usually present their lessons on a powerpoint, or a lecture where they write the important points of the lesson on the board. For their part, students need to respond in some way to show they understood what is being taught. For their assignments and exams, students rely on their memory to recall the formulae they have memorized to help them answer the test.

A bad memory means your brain is helping you make intelligent decisions

Just because you’re forgetting some details from an event does not mean that your brain is malfunctioning. It’s just focusing on more important things or create mental pictures that are easier for the brain to process. When we only remember only the gist of the situation as opposed to every detail, this creates simple memories which are more effective at predicting new experiences.

Thus, you create your decisions based on the big picture of the situation, not merely on select details which can impair your judgment.

Lifestyle factor

If you have a hard time remembering details of your day, maybe you should first evaluate your daily routines before jumping into conclusions. Did you get enough sleep the previous night? Are you catching up on a lot of requirements? Did you lose someone important in your life recently? People who are depressed, physically inactive, and have high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from poor memory.

Poor sleep, or having inadequate snoozing time gives your brain a harder time recalling and retaining information, making your memory ‘bad’. Not only that, lack of sleep slows down physical reflexes, fine motor skills, and judgment.

Aside from a healthy diet, and enough sleep, exercising regularly, not smoking, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure and sugar levels help maintain a sharp memory.

Heads Up

If bad memory affects your day to day routine, then you should think about seeing a doctor. Chances are, you might be suffering from an early onset of dementia. But if you think that your bad memory is not that disruptive to your day to day activities, you can do something about your daily routine to help you overcome your inability to remember things well.

Create a system

As mentioned, having a hard time remembering can be attributed to your lifestyle, how you do things. For some, writing down their tasks and other important reminders on a piece of paper is enough to keep them on track. Creating a system on how you get your routine done makes each activity easy to predict, thus easier to remember.

Make a list

As elementary as it sounds, writing down important tasks and reminders help you remember them better. The physical activity of writing with your hand, and not typing onto your laptop, stimulates cells in your brain that helps you pay attention to what you’re doing at the moment.

Write your notes

When you do your own notes, you only write down pieces of information that is relevant to you. It also helps you summarize the main points of the lesson, letting you remember things better than if you read it straight from the textbook.

So don’t be too quick that having a good memory is always a good thing! You shouldn’t feel bad if you have a hard time remembering tiny, irrelevant details either. Because at the end of the day, our brain only manages to retain memories that are important for our survival. The fact is, intelligence is more of a hereditary trait, while good or bad memory boils down to your habits and lifestyle.

Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Productivity


Student life in the best colleges in Manila can be demanding sometimes. There are plenty of deadlines to meet, courses to study for, and commitments to fulfill. There are only severals hours in a day that you have to maximize and finish everything that you have to do. While there are two ways to get things done, either you put more hours in work, or do things smarter. How you finish those tasks determines your productivity.


Set deadlines

Procrastination has become almost second nature to students, and pulling all nighters have become almost part of their routine. Aside from your major and minor subjects, you may also have deadlines from your college org and other extra curricular activities. Investing in a planner and plotting out the deadlines given to you, can help you swiftly plan ahead. Giving yourself a deadline for your tasks and actually sticking to it, can motivate you to get things done faster.


Stop multitasking

Some students tend to think that the ability to multitask is helpful when we want to be more productive. What they fail to realize is that though they get more things done by working two tasks at the same time, they either work more slowly, or they sacrifice the integrity of their work. Even psychologists have found that attempting to do several tasks at a time can result to lost time and productivity. Instead, commit to one task at a time. That way you can dedicate more time and effort to your tasks, producing better quality output.


Limit your social media usage

Because of social media, distractions have become the Achilles heels of students today. With memes and viral videos all over the social media nowadays, putting down smartphones gets more and more difficult. There’s like this invisible string that pulls you back, just when you’re starting to get motivated to finish your task. While it’s good to take a few breaks in between your study sessions, it will not help you focus better. The best thing to do is to exercise self discipline and limit your social media usage the same way you would dedicate a few hours for your tasks.


Prioritize your health

As much as you want to be like superman and finish all of your tasks within the day, you must still prioritize your mind and body’s well being. Pulling all nighters, surviving only on coffee and energy bars will give your body more harm than good. Studying for exams will most likely drive you to survive on instant meals, fast food and softdrinks, but you must still find time to eat healthy. If you think you’re eating less because you have deadlines to meet, try to get more sleep, or at least take your supplements to make up for the nutrients you lose from staying up late and not being able to eat on time.


Don’t focus on perfection

Studying in one of the best colleges in Manila can have its pressures. People will expect that your every output will be seamless and perfect. But the reality is, as much as we give your best in everything we do, nothing is perfect. It’s better to complete the task to the best of your ability and move on.


Students have busy lives, but being productive is not like rocket science. But it does involve strategizing the time you allot for each task you have. If you need to improve your productivity in school, refrain committing to more tasks into your already filled to the brim calendar. Remember that productive people work smarter, not harder in order to get things done,


Reasons Why You Should Get A Masters In IT


Now that you have finished your tertiary education in one of the top Information Technology (IT) schools in the Philippines, your next step is to take your learnings to the next level by amplifying your career in the corporate world, or expanding it by taking a postgraduate degree.


If you are still unsure if “going back to school” is necessary, below is a list of reasons why you should consider getting a master’s degree in fields related to computer technology:


Expand your knowledge

Computer technology is an ever evolving body of knowledge where you have to constantly be on the loop in order to be competitive in the field. Graduate schools will be able to provide you with more opportunities to expand your knowledge and even share what you know with other like minded people. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to sharpen your skills, keep up with trends in the field, and learn for researchers in your area of specialty.


Personal growth

Some individuals consider themselves as lifelong learners. They are constantly in pursuit of knowledge, expanding their intelligence base and challenging themselves academically. Pursuing graduate school in computer technology in Manila offers the opportunity to pursue higher education.


Increase your job prospects

IT is a competitive field, and a bachelor’s degree may not be enough to get you noticed alongside equally or more highly educated candidates. Not only that, a graduate degree opens doors to more career opportunities and higher salary. Having a masters degree is inherently more financially lucrative, making you qualified for managerial and directorial positions.


Professional growth

Earning a graduate degree is a proof that persistence, determination and intellectual prowess are keys to become successful in the field of IT. These traits are also important in becoming an accomplished leader. Furthermore, an advanced degree in IT can make a difference on your credentials because it shows your dedication to the field. It will also give you access to excellent material resources, including state of the art technology and high end equipment being used in practice.


With the field getting more and more competitive over the years, it pays to invest in taking up postgraduate education. Not only does it open more doors for career opportunities, it also an opportunity for practitioners to provide significant contributions both in the academe and in the field. Not only that, it’s also a good fallback in case you decide to take a break, and re immerse yourself into the fresh waters of scholastic endeavors.

Making the Most Out of the Best Colleges in Manila


Upon deciding what school to attend for college, it’s either you’re thrilled to start your first day or still a little nervous on what college life you’ll have – or maybe both. But it’s time to face this amazing new chapter of your young adult life, focusing on learning and enjoying your tertiary education. So the question is:

How do you make the most out of the best colleges in Manila?

To be honest, the answer is actually simple. How you manage your time and interact with other people help you make the most out of the best colleges in Manila. You can meet lifelong friends there, mentors who will serve as role models in your college and professional careers.

Study the syllabus

At the start of the term, some instructors allow their students access to the course syllabus to give them a head start should they wish to do advance studying. Unlike your high school teachers who spoon feed you the materials to be discussed, your college professors assume that you are mature enough to manage your own studying habits. Studying the syllabus makes you goal oriented because knowing what you have to study makes it easier for you to prioritize and plan your studying regimen.


Advance study

Now that you have an idea of what to study, it’s time to have an advance reading on the topics you will be taking up in the classroom. The best colleges in Manila offer the most practical and updated courses, and there is a chance that some lessons you have not even heard of when you were in high school. As mentioned, your professors are least likely to spoon feed you of everything you need to know. Reading your lessons in advance helps you understand the lessons better because you don’t have to cram.


At least the night before classes, do a research about the topics on the syllabus. You don’t have to learn it all at once. Just read to have an idea of what the main points of the lessons are, so you won’t feel lost when the professors start discussing.


Don’t procrastinate

Some can work better when they are working on an immediate deadline, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s also not a good habit to procrastinate because doing so can sometime compromise the integrity of your work.  Remember that each class you take are important, regardless if they are core subjects or electives. Don’t wait until the night before, or worse the day of, to do and finish your requirements. Get them done weeks beforehand, so you can have more time to revise your work.


Find your passion

Confucius once said ‘Choose a job you love, and you never have to work a day in your life’, Some professionals say that they hate their job because it’s not something they are passionate about, or because they did not want to do it in the first place. These people are more likely to easily get burned out in their job and would easily lose the motivation to be better at what they do.


Don’t be one of those people

Find what you are passionate about and find a course that fits your interests. You may still be a student today and your interests may change as you mature, but your passion will stay with you for a long time. Studying a course that is aligned to your passion and interests will make you love it even more. You will be more motivated to do better, and even excel in your studies which can help you make the most out of your college life.


Work with others

Not only will it make tasks easier, working with other people helps improve your interpersonal skills. When you work on your own and get stuck on something, you are most probably to give up because you don’t have other people to share your problem with. Working with others may also show you other ways to solve a problem than the one you are using. It may require a lot of people skills, but it’s a good training since the work in the real world will always include teamwork.


Get involved

Don’t feel limited with hanging out with just your roommates, or your high school friends! The best way to make the most out of the best colleges in Manila is to get involved in school approved activities and organizations. Besides the reason that there are many good organizations fit for your interests, it’s also a good way to start building your social network.


Be open to change

The experience of studying in the best colleges in Manila may be leaps different from what you experienced in high school. These schools participate in local and international activities, that’s why they have higher standards than others and in order to meet these standards, you may have to do away with your old habits so you can become the best student you can be.


Be open to the changes college life will bring you. You may have to change your studying habits, how you manage your time and even how you mingle with people. Don’t be afraid of these changes and embrace them instead. These changes mean that you are maturing into an adult who’s ready for the professionalism adulthood requires.


The best way it make the most of of college is to be open to change and embrace it. The best colleges in Manila let their students explore different opportunities and tackle challenges which can help them improve their skills. Be open to accept these, even if they may be outside your comfort zone. It’s a great way to learn new things and meet different people.


Five Reasons Why Enrolling in Top Colleges in the Philippines are Worth the Investment


It is no secret that enrolling—and finishing–a college degree in the Philippines can be expensive. Yet, a lot of families still invest on their child’s future by enrolling them into the best colleges in the Philippines in hope of giving their child a better chance in the competitive job market. Considering the current economic state of country, investing on the young people’s education delivers more important long term returns, not only to their families, but to the society as well. That’s why:


There are more than enough reasons why enrolling in the top colleges in the Philippines are worth the investment


State of the art facilities

Job competency starts with skills and knowledge that can only be acquired by practicing with equipments akin to what is used in the industry. Top colleges in the Philippines build state of the art facilities such as fully-equipped air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories; high-tech computers, engineering tools, and equipment; 24-hour security and monitoring; full library services; canteen and student services; and building-wide WiFi accessibility to enable the students to full access to information they need in their lessons and research work. These facilities serve as practical applications of what is taught in the classroom


Competent teachers

As useful as information from textbooks are, nothing beats the lessons taught by professors who gathered years, even decades, of first hand experience on the field. While there is no material value to the lessons and skills professors impart their students, educational institutions attempt to reciprocate their expertise with adequate remuneration and benefits. The best talents and the brightest minds who willingly share their knowledge and skills to their students account for good compensation. Top colleges in the Philippines invest on hiring competent teachers with extensive experience in the field to give the students the best quality of education they deserve.


Practical skills

High end technology, when used by competent teachers, have the ability to impart the students practical skills which can make them the most in demand professionals in the future. These skills take years to perfect, needing ample amount of resources such as time and money to be learned and mastered.


High end technology

Competitiveness in the real world begins in school. It is up to these institutions to let their students experience what the field they aspire to be a part of is really like. The students’ exposure to situations that actually happen in the field make them job ready. These simulations require high end technology and exhaustive research in order to be taught to the students correctly.


Future ready internships

Internships serve as the culmination of the theories and skills that were taught inside the classroom. Most companies hire employees who have gathered adequate skills and experience because they will need less training. Graduates of computer science and information technology from the top colleges in the Philippines such as FEU Tech receive two trimesters of internship courses which usually falls in the first and second trimester of the senior year. During internship, students are expected to fully devote themselves with their on the job training because they have no other academic load. Interns may be deployed to two different Industry partners so that the students are exposed to different work environments.


It’s a hard–yet widely acceptable–truth that enrolling in the top colleges in the country can bring a dent to the family’s pocket. But you should not think of studying in college as merely paying for lectures  and seminars. A college degree also gives you access to a myriad of opportunities not only in the Philippines, but abroad as well.


With hardwork and perseverance graduates from the top colleges in the Philippines can be the most in demand professionals in the industry. Investing in education of such high quality not only equips young people to the competitiveness of the real world industry, but also secures the future of posterity.


Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in Top Performing Schools in the Philippines

Top performing schools in the Philippines put value in preparing their students for life beyond the school’s confines. Aside from providing subjects which students courses can apply in their future careers, these institutions also engage their pupils in various learning opportunities which hone their full potentials.


So how do the top schools train their students to become competent professionals? Read on.

Top Performing Schools in the Philippines have better professors


While professors are not a cause of your career, they contribute in motivating you to attend your classes and finish your degree. Top performing schools are called as such because they hire instructing personnel who are competent and are knowledgeable in their field. If you are taking engineering courses, you can expect that majority, if not all, of your professors already have first hand experiences in the field.


An inspirational professor can influence you to make a career of out the degree you have finished, and try to excel in it. A competent instructor can motivate you to finish your degree on time. When you are taught by skillful instructors, you’ll be inspired to learn more. Many of the top professors have already experienced working in the field, so they can give you insights beyond what was taught in the textbook, and can inspire you to become like them someday.


They provide more opportunities


Considering the current educational and occupational structure in the country, graduating in a top performing school is likely to help open doors for student’s future. Students who get good grades in universities with high standards tend to be more qualified to be accepted into companies which offer good internships. Furthermore, people are more likely to more responsive to applicants and correspondents who are affiliated with a prestigious school.


They help establish good connections


Long after graduating in college, you still keep in touch with former professors, classmates, as well as upper and lower classmen. This provides you a network of good connections which can help you either land a career opportunity, or assistance in your field.


Your alma mater helps your resume get through the mail and onto the hiring manager’s desk. It can even help you land a face to face interview with the CEO of the company you wish to apply in. But what helps you land that job and actually stay in it for a long time are you skills and your work ethics.


Keep in mind that top performing schools in the Philippines are called as so because they can teach you skills that are superior to what is taught in other universities. These prestigious institutions provide students opportunities to pursue their interests and endeavors even while they are in school. But it still depends on your attitude and intelligence if you can stay and become successful in your chosen field.

Tips to Become a Smarter Student This Semester


Enrollment period can be one of the most stressful periods in the first few weeks of the semester. Choosing your courses can be a hassle, especially if there are courses you still need to catch up on, or ones which require prerequisites for them to be taken. And so we have gathered some tips on how you can pick your classes for a hassle free semester:


Take courses you actually like


If it’s a core subject, you have no choice but to take it. But if you plan to take electives, make sure to take courses which you really like. A course that interests you will most likely motivate you to do well. We are not saying that you should sign up for classes which are easy for you—instead take classes that are actually interesting to you and can motivate you to attend classes and fulfill its requirements.


Check out your options


If you are an irregular student chances are, you don’t have the same classes as the rest of your batchmates. You may take subjects prescribed for your batch, and you may also take other courses in advance. Take the time to review the course catalog and see what classes are available for your current credited units. You can also choose what classes pique your interests and what areas you want to specialize in.


Create a schedule that works for you


Are you a morning person? Then morning classes are perfect for you! Our brain functions better when we are at our most alert and least moody time. If you aren’t a fan of waking up before the crack of dawn, maybe classes which begin right before noon is best for you. Pick a schedule you think you will be able to learn more. That way, attending your classes will give you a sense of accomplishment rather than it feeling like a chore.


Visit your program coordinator


Every program in the top colleges in the Philippines has its own faculty. They are more than willing to guide their students in creating their course schedules. Try to meet him/her before enrollment to counsel you on what courses to take. Consulting with your program coordinator lets you become aware if you are right on track. It also lessens the confusion on what courses to register in because they can access the database which lists down what courses are being offered each semester.


Focus on your core subjects first


Multitasking in college is essential that’s why you should always prioritize your major subjects among other classes or activities. Make sure to take and pass your core subjects on time for most them, if not all, are prerequisites to your other subjects in the future semesters.


Try to be logical


Don’t take a course just because your best friend is taking it as well. If you live off campus, consider its distance from your school, especially if you plan on taking the morning classes. Most professors take attendance into consideration when deciding either to pass or fail a student. Save yourself from this dilemma by plotting a schedule which gives you enough time to get ready and travel without worrying about being late for you class.


Doing your best in your classes can go a long way. Aside from the high marks and the possibility of being on the Dean’s list, it saves you from the hassle of going back and forth between offices just to be able to take the classes you either failed or missed. Pick your courses and schedules which suit your capacities and will help you complete the requirements you need to graduate on time. Choose classes you will enjoy, but if they are not available, then take that challenge as a motivation to do well so you don’t have to repeat them next sem. Good luck!


Preparing for your exams

survey-opinion-research-voting-fill-159353Part of your stay in one of the top colleges in the Philippines is preparing for your exams. In a few weeks or months, you will be taking your finals which can make or break your entire semester’s performance. No pressure there, really.

Examinations are part of college life. However, with so many other activities that steals student’s time and attention, not to mention the time you spent binge watching the latest season of your favorite TV series, your tendency is to cram, skip meals and stocking up on caffeine as you try to double time and burn the midnight oil.

To have a hassle free finals week, here are some tips on how you can effectively study for your exams:

Be prepared  

Always have a planner handy. Take note of your requirements and their due dates.  Keep your supplies stocked with pencils, pens, yellow pad, and graphing papers. You can even keep more than two scientific calculators ready with them.

Take and review your notes 

Taking notes will help you organize information according to your strengths and weaknesses. You are more likely to write down things you didn’t know or understand. The information you have taken down will provide you the ideas you need to be able to organize your study time more effectively. Learning happens in note taking because it allows the person to make connections between ideas presented to them.


Just because you’re busy studying doesn’t mean you have to skip meals and resort to eating junk food. It may be easy to call up the nearest fast food, but eating food rich in vitamins actually makes your studying more productive. Food like apples, walnuts, and blueberries can improve your ability to concentrate, retain information, and keep you mentally alert.  Plus, eating right keeps you perky and alert so you will always feel motivated to study.

Find your learning style 

Do you like listening to music as you study? Or do you like creating diagrams and flowcharts out of the concepts you have learned? Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, there are a wide array of studying techniques which suits your learning style. A study habit which fits your learning style will help you understand and remember your lessons better.

Take breaks 

Remember the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’? While it’s good to take your lessons seriously, don’t forget to give yourself a break once in a while and reward yourself. Taking a breather gives your mind a fresh outlook, making you more productive.

Get enough sleep 

Your mind tends to wander around if it’s tired and overworked. Get enough sleep, especially during the night before your exams. Take short breaks between 50-60 minutes to let your mind unwind and take a breather. And most importantly,

Be positive 

Don’t worry yourself by asking a series of  ‘what ifs’. Your mood and motivation will be negatively affected if you keep worrying yourself over the most trivial of things. Positive thoughts will attract positive results. Be optimistic! A little bit of optimism never hurt anybody. So what if it’s one of the hardest subjects you are taking this term? You have higher chances in passing if you have studied well for your exams. You’ve studied for it, so claim it!

How to Dress up Professionally for an Internship Interview

Smiling Asian businessman shaking partners hand Free Photo

Every top colleges in Philippines entail an internship, it is an opportunity for college students to have hands-on experience in their chosen field. But before the actual internship, first thing that a student need to be prepared for is the interview. Those interviews are your chance to give a good impression for yourself, and it starts with looking professionally ready for the corporate world.

Dress to impress with the following tips:

For Men

– Dress up appropriately for the position that you are applying for. In most cases, it is recommended to wear a suit or a sport coat in dark gray or navy blue. Avoid loud colors and flashy ties.

– If you don’t have suits, you can chose to wear business casual clothes. But dress smartly: pants, a collared shirt, and a sweater or a blazer will do the trick.

– Your choice of clothing must be comfortable and fit. Make sure the length of your sleeves and pants are proportional to your body. Avoid folding your clothes to match your body’s measure.

– Suits and pants must properly pressed for it to look clean, crisp, and conservative.

– Use high and dark socks that won’t slide down, as such can make you feel uncomfortable. For shoes, it’s advisable to wear dark and flip-on shoes.

– Avoid wearing noticeable earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

– Hair should be washed and styled. Avoid coming in to interviews with messy and unwashed hair. Like your clothes, hair should also be neat and conservative.

– If you want to smell good, perfume and cologne should only be used sparingly. Don’t use perfume that is too strong.

For women

– Like for men, dress appropriately for the position you are applying for.

– Dress code for women may include a suit, a skirt, or tailored pants.

  • For the suit, it should come in neutral color: avoid printed. Wear a tailored blouse that color coordinates with the suit jacket.

  • For tailored pants, it should fit properly without being too tight.

  • For the skirt, make sure it covers your thighs when you sit.

– Remember not to wear overly printed and bright color pieces of clothing. Choose neutral and plain as much as possible.

– Avoid tight and revealing clothes. The bottoms should be in knee-length or longer. Wear a scarf if you want to.

– Wear closed-shoes, minimal-heel shoes, or shoes that make you feel comfortable — just make sure they look professional. Avoid stiletto heels, peep-toe pumps, sandals, and high boots.

– Jewelry and hair accessories should be minimal, too. Don’t wear flashy, distracting, and shiny ones.

– Hair should be clean, neat and styled conservatively. It can be pulled back in a low ponytail or you can wear a barrette.

– Makeups should be light and not too dramatic. Wear shades that are neutral to your skin tone.

– Fingernails should not be long and aren’t painted in unusual colors. Acceptable nail colors are light brown, white or transparent.

Lastly, both men and women should consider grooming themselves thoroughly. Regardless of what you wear, personal hygiene is more important above everything. Before heading to your interview location, check your body from head to toe for dirt and scents that can put off your interviewer. Take a shower, wear deodorant and brush your teeth. Also, make sure your clothes have no missing buttons and stains. Bring a mint spray for your mouth, sprinkle yourself with some mild perfume to get rid of the outdoorsy smell that comes when commuting to the location.

Remember iTamaraws, interview is not just the time to think about what you will say, but it is an opportunity to show prospective employers that you are ready for the professional world, and dressing up nicely can go a long way to achieve that. Good luck, students!


Why You Should Study in the Best Colleges in Manila

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Every year, high school graduates take entrance exams in top colleges in the Philippines. Despite the annual increase in exam fees and tuition, they still burn the night oil and line up for admission. Why not, studying in the best universities in the country has its perks. Read on.

Good Initial Impression from Employers
Once you finish your degree, you will start looking for work. Aside from your skills and internship experience, your edge among other applicants is the school where you came from. This can be due to the impression that students from top universities are known to be smart, disciplined, responsible and hardworking.

Your School Participates in International Activities
Best universities in Manila often participate in local and international activities. They compete for the school’s pride which helps them to be known not just in the country but also around the world. And if you want to work abroad, you will no longer have a hard time introducing your school to your employers.

Better Future
Studying in the best college is your door for a better future. Schools with successful students and alumni from different fields, courses premiere facilities, and industry top notchers are some of the reliable and proven factors that will help you be equipped and be inspired during your college life.

Continuous School Improvements
Similar with any business, running the best colleges in Manila will require constant investment in time and effort. This includes improvement in equipment and premises, hiring quality professors, investing in new programs and technology to attain their mission in producing quality students and embody their name as one of the top colleges in the country.

While your chosen school is the door to your future, it’s important that you also exert your 100% effort on the things that you do. This will not only help you have better career but also will help you improve your character in the long run. Good luck on your studies!


Why Is Computer Science Degree Worth Pursuing?

top computer science schools in the Philippines


Nowadays, it’s easy to teach yourself how to code, and many people decide to pursue this as a career because of the demand and the salary it offers. In order to establish a steady professional career, one should first build a strong foundation in the field of Computer Science. Here are some viable reasons why Computer Science is worth studying.


It’s A Progressive Industry

There are so many innovations being invented and will be invented in the future. It’s all coming together and the demand for CS jobs will continue to rise. Its industry is expanding rapidly due to innovations and challenges. Right now, almost every company uses computers and machines and will most likely hire a software engineer who can take care of their system. It’s progress has been fast and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.


It Can Make You Legendary

As a CS major you can surely expect to have more projects where you’ll build stuff, write programs, websites, apps etc. If you’re really passionate about what you’re doing then it can lead you to create a bigger project outside school or work. You’ll be able to build programs for your own convenience. Those “personal projects” might be useful to others as well and the next thing you know, you’ll be creating your name in the tech industry.


You’ll Earn Well

Salary rates for CS Jobs are no joke and are highly competitive. At present, CS and IT related jobs’ salaries are ranging between P38,000 to P86,550 according to


You Can Build A Startup Company

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are best examples of startup tech companies that successfully made it to the top. You just need to get the right people with the right talents and of course, the right product.


It’s true that even if you don’t have a college diploma, you can build your own startup company. Though this is easier said than done, you still need formal training if you’re looking for a long term career growth. You need a formal education, preferably in one of the top colleges in the Philippines for you to be able to fully manage your company. When you’re equipped, you’ll have a better understanding of the system, hire the best people and design a better plan for your company. You’ll have a firmer grasp of what should and shouldn’t be done and be able to develop your company and your people to their fullest.


Getting a CS Degree is more than just a paper of recognition. It will teach you how to approach a subject with accuracy. It will hone your skills and get you a bigger chance to be hired by top tech companies or even your own. A CS degree from top computer science schools in the Philippines speaks for itself. The bottom line is, a CS Degree can open a lot of opportunities than you can ever imagine.

5 Reasons To Study Electrical Engineering

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There are different fields of engineering, and choosing the right one all depends on your interests and passion. While Civil engineering and mechanical engineering are two of the most popular among engineering courses, electrical engineering also plays a big part on every innovation and has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider being an electrical engineer.


Electrical Engineers Are In-Demand

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced practitioner, it’s always easy to find a job in the electrical engineering market. With the rapid expansion of technologies, it’s no surprise that the demand for electrical engineers has also raised.


Global Opportunities

Being an electrical engineer opens a lot of opportunities for you, locally and internationally. Many companies outside the country are in need of electrical engineers, and most of them are open in hiring professionals from other countries, especially those who came from top electrical engineering schools in the Philippines. Some companies even require you to travel around, so you’ll be seeing the world while getting paid well. If you’re passionate about working overseas, then this is the way to go.


Know How Stuff Works and Help Yourself

Electrical engineers are blessings to the society. They improve the way we communicate and continue to enhance our electrical systems. As an electrical expert, you’ll be able to know how stuff works. When you have a deep understanding of how electricity works in your home, such as appliances, gadgets, etc., you’ll be able to apply your knowledge (even the basic ones) into designing, developing and giving solutions to problems, from small devices to large computers.


It’s Exciting

If assembling and testing out tools, materials and equipment appeal to you then electrical engineering would be an adventure for you every time. Electric components are invented and reinvented most of the time, so there’s no room for boredom as you’ll get to try out new stuff every time. The most exciting part is when you finally put all the pieces together and build something new!


It’s the Forefront of Future Technologies

Technology is rapidly growing and with that, the role of electrical engineers becomes more important. They are the forefront of developing new technologies in different industries such as robotics, transportation, construction and healthcare.


Electrical engineering is the blood of innovation. It’s one of the reasons why we’re able to use technology in our everyday life. And studying it in one of the top colleges in the Philippines can make your journey to being an electrical engineer a fun and competitive one.

Here’s What Your Future Will Be When You Enroll in Digital Arts Program

Digital Arts - FEU TechAnother term has just ended, and the enrollment for the new term will come soon. If you are considering Digital Arts for your college degree, here are the things that you need to know about this program and what future jobs await you upon graduation.

1. You Will Obtain Vast Skills in Multimedia Arts

Taking Digital Arts program will give you knowledge in creating animated images and visual effects for a wide variety of platforms, including games, films, AVP, TV productions and other related media.

2. Job Opportunities Will Come Easy

Most companies today, need digital artists to handle their website content needs. And because not all people are tech savvy, your presence will be highly appreciated. These companies will often sponsor trainings and other events that you may attend to increase your skills that will help you ace your raise!

3. High Salary

Following the high demand for digital artists, you may expect that salary offer for this position will be competitive. In fact, according to, IT-related specializations top the list of the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in 2016.

4. You Are Regarded As an  Artist

People will regard you and your work very much the same as what any other artists who do paintings, sketching and more. Digital arts, from the name itself, is a form of art.

5. Freelance Jobs on Your Extra Time!

You’ll surely have your online portfolio soon, and this can be an effective opportunity to get projects from clients online. You can earn money from doing what you love, and further your skills.

To be able to achieve all of these, you should be smart in pursuing your passion. Moreover, choose the school that will guarantee quality education and unparalleled facility to ensure that you are getting the best learning experience. Most of the best colleges and universities for Digital Arts in the Philippines are in Manila. Find online threads and discussion to help you in getting more tips.

FEU Institute of Technology is among the leading IT schools in Manila.

Programming: How to Get Started & Achieve Your Goals

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There are lots of traits and qualities needed for a student to be successful in the field of programming. This might surprise you but being good at math is not one of them. It’s all about attitude, motivation, discipline and much more. Here’s why:



Motivation is your jumpstart to everything. It will get you started, make you interested and determined enough to make any action. Some programmers already showed interest as early as 12. They would be mesmerized by how the computer works and it’s possible that they’ll carry that curiosity until college.


However, motivation isn’t enough. It’s what will get you started but not what will keep you going. Eventually, you might lose motivation and it will be easy to just give up. While motivation is important, you need to have discipline as well.



Discipline is your engine. It’s what will keep you on track and stick to your long-term goals. Like going on a diet, programming needs commitment. You don’t just stop exercising when you feel tired and demotivated. You need to have discipline to keep going. It can be hard but having this trait will do good on you not just in programming but in other things you’re committed in.


Practice Consistently

Memorizing code is not really the big deal in programming. You need to practice it everyday. Like learning how to play a guitar, it doesn’t really matter if you memorized all chords, if you didn’t practice for a long time then you’ll most likely fail.


Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to take risks and try the things you haven’t done before. Keep in mind that the best programmers accept challenges and tasks that make them nervous. With that mindset, you’ll be able to learn a lot more and develop your skills faster.


Enroll in a Top College

Being enrolled in one of the top colleges in the Philippines comes with great advantages. It can help you improve your skills and knowledge about programming. You’ll have classmates and trusted professors to count on and ask for help. The best thing about studying in a top college in the country is it can help you get an internship in well-respected companies which can help you find a better job in the future.


Make a Side Project

Basically, your motivation came from curiosity and interest. Use your motivation to make a side project, something cool and helpful or something that you really want to make and passionate about. It’s okay to have errors because that’s normal, but never give up on your project because who knows, you might be the next big thing in tech.


Freelance or Do a Non-Profit

Getting a freelance project or a non-profit job (or both) is a good way to test your skills. You’ll practice, learn and meet new people all at the same time. This is also a big plus on your resume and portfolio.


Be Adaptable

Technology is evolving fast, and you should not get left behind. As technology develops, you should too. Don’t be afraid to adapt to new changes in technology. Learn the latest trends in programming, app and website development.


Stay Connected and Productive

Along your programming journey, you’ll meet a lot of smart and cool people. It’s time to grab that chance and make connections instead of burning bridges. You’ll never know if they will be your ticket to a nice job someday or the future co-founder of the company you’re dreaming of. The bottom line is, when you socialize with these people, it’s likely that a collaboration can happen. You’ll be able to see your project in a different point of view and develop it into something better.


Remember that everybody starts small, so whatever your goal is, it’s going to take time to achieve it as well as learning it. Programming is an art that needs patience to master. You just need to make that motivation into a long lasting discipline. Now that you know what you need and what to do, what are you waiting for? Enroll in a top IT School in Manila today!

6 Ways to Become a Good Developer

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A lot of young people nowadays are starting to be curious about programming. Becoming a real developer is not easy but very possible. With the right guidance, motivation and direction, you’ll be able to build a career just like the tech professionals out there. You can even start your own tech company just by discovering new ways to make life easier. For now, here are six ways to get you started and ready.


?     Define Your Objectives

Everything comes with an end goal. You start something because you want something. So figure out what you want to create and what ideas you want to pursue. Do you want to build websites? How about an app? Perhaps, you want to create the next big thing to help the community or maybe you want to build something that you personally need. Whatever it is, you need to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve. This will serve as your map and motivation for you to be on track and finish what you’ve started.



?     Learn To Code

To be a good developer, you need to fully recognize which tools to use, understand Git, how to deploy and use shell commands, and everything in between. There are various resources online and you can now learn how to code at any place, at any time. However, if you want to take your learning to the next level, you need to enroll in one of the top colleges in the Philippines.This can help you see things in a new perspective compared to learning things online. At the same time, you’ll have different activities, peers and professors that will challenge and hone your skills further.


?     Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

No man is an island and no project is flawless. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need to. Web developers always encounter bugs and other difficulties. That’s why it’s great to keep your community wide so you can ask other people to help you out. You may never know that the problem that takes you hours to figure out can be solved within minutes if you ask for a hand. Seeking for help is not a sign of weakness. Even the best developers out there experience these and ask their team’s help. Just remember to learn from those experiences in order to grow.


?     Discover, Copy, Practice

Like a painter or an illustrator, you can develop your skill by practicing. But how do you start? One way to practice is to copy. Replicate the things you find amazing, like cool websites. View its source code and add it to your own. Try to understand how it works, what it does and the things that you could add to improve it.


?     Make Your Own

Once you think you’re ready to execute an idea, go for it. There will be trials and errors but it’s going to be worth it. Have some inspiration and make your own website, app or whatever you have in mind.


?     Showcase Your Work

When you’re looking for a job, diplomas and certificates matter but with hundreds of applicants, you need something that will make you stand out above the rest. Portfolios are not optional anymore, it’s a must. Build your portfolio early. Gather your best works and show them during job interviews.


The best way to have a portfolio is by building it online by creating your own website and by linking it to your social media accounts. Always update it and don’t forget to ask for help and opinions from your professors and people you trust.


Tip: Volunteer in some activities such as building your school department’s website or create a website for a specific organization and pitch it to them. It will be great if what you present in your portfolio actually exists and currently being used. Also, learn to accept criticisms from others. Take those comments positively to further improve your work.


Keep in mind that in order to be successful, you need to be more curious. Never settle for just knowing the basics. In short, don’t be stuck in the shallow, get your game on and swim deep.

8 Popular Programming Myths Debunked

It’s understandable that programming can be intimidating at first, but the truth is, it’s not that hard to learn. A lot of people have misconceptions about programming which should be cleared right now. Programming is so much more than writing codes all day. It allows you to create anything you desire. Read on to find out the myths of programming.

Top Computer Science Schools in the Philippines

Myth: Programming is too scientific and cold. There’s no room for creativity

Fact: Programming is actually an art form, many people don’t know this but it’s true. Some programmers even get lost in their world of coding like how writers do when writing. Artists make things base on their interest, emotions and passion. Same goes for programmers, they write codes and make things base on their interests, emotions and passion. Most programmers even code just for fun, they make anything they want and just like any artists including painters, writers, singers and others. Programmers create their own world with lots of possibilities imaginable.


Myth: Programming is only for geeks

Fact: Anybody can code and coding can be useful for anybody even if programming is not your dream job. You can search the internet for programmers and you’ll be surprised to see that not all programmers wear geeky t-shirts, wear glasses, and are weird. This stereotype is probably the most common myth of programming. Programming can offer a lot to someone in any field or industry a person chooses. Like how some artists learned programming to make 3D art or learned programming to make websites that can help other people. Programming is more than just what it seems in the outside, it’s actually a tool that can help everybody in many ways.


Myth: You have to be really good in math

Fact: No. You don’t. Like painting, programming requires patience and interest. That’s it. Don’t think of it as learning formulas and equations but think of it as writing to a new friend. Though, like any course, you need to study some math along the way but it will be worth it. Keep in mind that programming is not rocket science but a form of communication.


Myth: Formal education is only for slow learners

Fact: You can learn to code just about anywhere but can only be a competitive professional programmer if you took up proper courses in colleges or universities such as in top computer science schools in the Philippines. These institutions can provide you high quality education and make your way to the industry much faster. Companies nowadays have high standards for candidates. If you don’t have a degree, how will you compete with thousands of other applicants? Never neglect your education as there’s so much more you can learn inside the school that can help you in the industry.


Myth: You have to be a genius to take up programming

Fact: Learning programming is just like learning how to read and write. You don’t have to be a genius to do that. You just have to want it. Anybody who can read, write, or communicate can learn programming because programming is basically a language with its own rules that you use to communicate to a machine. Being completely passionate about programming is what will keep you going.


Myth: You have to memorize all syntaxes

Fact: You’ll be writing the same code a thousand times and surely you’ll memorize it before you even realize it. All you need is to practice regularly and you’ll be fine.


Myth: There’s no room for mistakes

Fact: Programmers are not perfect. There will always be room for bugs and mistakes and failing can occur often but at the same time, these mistakes allow programmers to learn, improve and grow.


Myth: Programming is not for women.

Fact: This is absolutely false as women are just as good as men when it comes to programming. Like mentioned above, anyone can code. There’s no gender, race, personality nor age in programming. Anybody who’s determined and passionate can learn programming.


Learning how to code is almost the same as having a superpower or being a comic book writer. You can create your own stories with your control and command. That’s how great programming is. You plan, you code, you communicate to a machine and then before you know it, you’re already making something you never expect to create. Enroll in our academic programs and you might just find yourself creating something that no one has done before!


How to Get Into a Top IT School in Manila

Top IT School in the Philippines

Now that you have finally chosen your desired career, whether it’s information technology, programming or engineering, getting into an IT school is your next big step. While choosing where you want to study is easy, being admitted in a top IT school is another story.

Remember that not all IT colleges in Manila can ensure you a bright future and complete guidance. That’s why it’s important to enter an IT school that offers quality education and with clear records of topnotchers and world-class facilities.

There are lots of ways to enter a top school such as through scholarship or acing the entrance exam. But with thousands of students applying every year, how can you be sure that you’re going to stand out and be accepted? Below are the things you need to consider before applying to a top IT school in Manila.

Academic Performance

Are you flunking your subjects or skipping school? This is the best time to make up for it. Top IT schools in Manila are mostly looking for students who excel in math, science, and technology subjects. Just like other colleges, these schools are considering students with high General Weighted Average (GWA) and if you don’t qualify, you might want to consider other schools on your list. Bear in mind that you want to stand out so make sure that your academic performance will support you and not the other way around. Always keep yourself competitive among other applicants whether you’re a transferee or just about to enter college.

Extracurricular activities

While GWA is the door to your dream school, it does not necessarily guarantee admission. This is where extracurricular activities come into play. If you’re a talented athlete, an excellent writer, a passionate volunteer or an outstanding student leader, use your skills to get a scholarship grant. This, together with your good impression during interview can help you get accepted.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to try something new that you think will help you develop your skills and impress the college committee in the future.

Show your passion

At interviews or essays, don’t stress on being the ‘right’ student. Just be yourself and show that you’re passionate about technology or whatever field you want to be in. These courses are not easy, but worth it so the college admission needs to see your determination and desire to pursue your future.

Recommendation Letters

Letters of Recommendation should come from teachers/professors who really know you well. It shouldn’t just be any letter saying that you got straight A’s or that you perform well in exams and in class. It should be a letter that includes your personal qualities, skills, weaknesses and how the writer sees your future potential.

Early Portfolio

It’s possible that as early as 12 years old, a kid can already make their own mobile application. If you’re interested in programming and is thinking of taking a course in the IT field, then it’s better to start learning codes as early as today. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just start with a simple website using HTML.

Those who are entering Senior High School this year are really lucky. Since they have two more years to prepare for college, they have more time to develop their skills and portfolio. So If you’re a freshman in high school and is dreaming of entering one of the top performing schools in the Philippines, then you better start getting serious and learn more about the field that you’re getting into.

Preparing for college admission is almost the same as preparing for job application. You need to start early to build not just your portfolio but also credibility, reputation, and skills. You can’t be an expert in anything overnight. All it takes is balance; learn how to juggle your studies, activities, and personal life. Good luck!

6 Traits of a Top Performing School in the Philippines

It takes a lot of effort and determination to be successful. And some of them is selecting the right path, being with the right people and choosing the right school. Among all the top performing schools in the Philippines, how do you know which one would take you to the right direction?



Brilliant, talented and humble. Those are the traits every professor should have. They should not just teach, they should inspire and push the students to do their best. You know when the school carries the best mentors when it reflects on their students. Such successful young minds don’t develop on their own. They all need the right guidance and good hands to take them to the top.


Alumni are the products of the school. Their college time is where they developed and become amazing innovators. We always believe that nothing can substitute experience that’s why we provide our students with advance equipment and materials that they need. We still keep in touch with our students even if they graduate. A lot of them has gone so far and whenever they go, they always carry that iTamaraw pride.


Books are not the only key to success. We provide educational yet fun events, exhibits and other engaging activities where students can show their abilities and exchange ideas with one another in order to innovate more unique projects. These activities give us opportunities to get to know our students well.


Facilities also contribute to the well being of the students. They should feel safe and comfortable in order for them to study well and enjoy their days at the school. Our facilities are a mix of modern and classic prestige with a nature-friendly environment. We ensure that everything that our students need – from high-tech equipment to swimming pools and safe laboratories are provided to them equally.


Each student has it’s own interest and preferences. It is possible that they may be confused on what course to pursue in the future. FEU Tech offers variety of courses with different majors to give students the option on what aspect of technology they want to focus on. Our doors are always welcome to those who need guidance on understanding and knowing what course highlights their interest and strengths best.


You would find the result of a promising school when you see their students reaching their way up such as their topnotchers. At the end of the day, it’s always the student that matters the most. That’s why we treasure each of our iTamaraws. We’re proud to see them wanting to learn more, innovate more and make something life-changing and promising.

There’s a lot of factors to consider in choosing a top performing school, but if you want to see where the school can take you, then just look at what they’ve reached and what they can do more for you. See if they fulfill your needs and provide you with quality education.