Open Call for Innovation Solutions to Tackle the COVID-19 Outbreak

The health implications of COVID-19 impose a series of unsolved and unpredictable challenges to government, business, academe, and communities, deterring the ability and resources of the health authorities to control the spread of the virus.

The FEU Tech Innovation Center invites Professors, Associates, and Students from the FEU group of schools (FEU Manila, FEU Tech, FEU Diliman, FEU Makati, FEU Cavite, FEU High School, FEU Alabang, and FEU Roosevelt) to submit cost-effective, practical, and innovative solutions to address collateral issues posed by the COVID-19.

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of experts in Health, Innovation, and Technology. Selected proposals will be supported by a Special Idea Incubation Program with mentorship and access to the relevant network to bring the idea to reality and may be given a monetary grant by the FEU Tech Innovation Center for the idea to be produced and distributed at scale.


  • Enhance the efficiency of home-quarantine
  • Increase treatment capacity and screening methods
  • Mitigate contagious behaviors at personal and public level
  • Enable collaborative disease data tracking, collection, and processing
  • Hardware or software technologies that use emerging technologies like Artificial
    Intelligence and Big Data
  • Innovative startup ideas that will fit and build a post COVID-19 world
  • A more effective platform for Virtual Education, Digital Learning, and Education Technology for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Educational Institutions


  • Open to PROFESSORS, STUDENTS from all levels, and EMPLOYEES of the FEU GROUP OF SCHOOLS.
  • You may submit your research individually or as a team
  • All submissions must be written in English and must meet at least one of the abovementioned solution guidelines.
  • Individual applicants must be officially enrolled or officially employed by the FEU Group of Schools.
  • Team applications, including those with external group members, must have at least one member who is officially enrolled or officially employed by the FEU Group of Schools.
  • New ideas are encouraged but previous researches that have not been implemented will be accepted.


  • Click the link to apply. Make sure that you are signed in using a Google/Gmail account.
  • Fill out the e-form outlining:
    • The problem you are addressing
    • A clear and concise explanation of your proposed solution
    • The technology, materials, processes, etc. needed to implement it.
    • Upload all the supporting documents for your research.
  • Click submit to complete the application.
  • Deadline of Submissions: April 11, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

For inquiries and other information, please contact:

Engr. Mylene D. Gomez