4 Habits That Will Allow You To Create Helpful Innovation

Posted: April 27, 2017

We are all capable of creating helpful innovation. Though sometimes, we get stuck on the way due to struggles, lack of motivation, focus and alike. So most people, even the smartest ones coming from best universities, would also get stuck and sometimes give up.

But there’s a solution to this. Below are habits that you should seriously consider and put to practice every day. No matter what path you choose, you should know how to be a better version yourself.

Stop Rejecting Your Ideas
We might find ourselves shooting ideas of others and that’s healthy for a team who wants to make something better. But rejecting your own ideas often is another story.

Shutting your own ideas is shutting your own imagination and creativity which will eventually kill your own curiosity. It’s okay to ask for others’ opinions on your ideas but among all of them, you have to be the person who believes in them the most. If you find yourself doing this then it’s time to be aware of it and fix it. So you’ll be able to keep those creative juices flowing.

Stop living in the past
We love to think about the past because it’s difficult not to. But dwelling in mistakes and bad experiences of the past will only hold us back and hinder us from achieving our full potentials. Use these experiences to learn, inspire and become a better person. Instead of self-pity, think about how you conquered and applied your learnings to further improve yourself.

Accept challenges and restrictions
Some may think that when you have more freedom, you’ll be able to perform better. Though sometimes true, still, putting your creativity to the test will help you grow. Embrace life’s challenges and let yourself undergo challenges to be a smarter, wiser person.

Don’t explain yourself
Most of the time we find ourselves explaining our actions to others. When you do, stop. More doubt, more fear will suppress your creativity. Failures are part of life. Instead of trying to explain and defend yourself from everyone, find a solution and move on. Accept your mistakes and move forward so your creativity can find your way back to you.

These tips can help you live a better life, not just in work but also in your hobbies. Sometimes, we don’t notice it but we’re already suppressing our own capabilities. Keep in mind to help yourself despite what other people say. Listen to others but don’t forget to listen to yourself as well.