5 Reasons Why Joining The I.T. Field Is An Excellent Career Choice

Posted: June 23, 2016

Not only is Information Technology the most popular and in demand career, it’s also the fastest growing industry today. Here are the reasons why entering the field of I.T. is a great choice.


Choose from a variety of courses

The I.T field is filled with different career paths. It allows you to choose your own direction and highlight your strengths and capabilities. You can become an I.T. Consultant, Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, Web developer and many more. FEU Institute of Technology or FEU Tech offers courses like BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Civil Engineering, Associate in Computer Technology, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Electronics Engineering and BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing. The College even offers a master’s program for Information Technology.

Find job opportunities almost anywhere

I.T. has become an in demand field. Almost every company, regardless of what industry, are in need of I.T services. Since technology takes a big part of our work and even our social life, it is likely that a company will hire a team of I.T graduates to work on their system and keep it running, so as you graduate, countless job opportunities will be available for you to apply.

Opportunity to grow your potential and keep learning

Technology changes at a speed of light so working in the I.T industry allows you to be updated in the latest technology. You’ll continue to learn and keep growing as the time passes by. Enjoy working in a field where changes and surprises take a turn for excitement.

Have the opportunity to make major contributions

Any course in the I.T field gives you the opportunity to create and make major contributions that can help the world. I.T people also have their creative side that allows them to innovate and build something unique.

Doing what you love

Taking up I.T is  a great opportunity to do what you love and what you do best. You can be working with teams or have a solo flight. Turn your skills into investments because I.T is all about innovating so you can make sure that all your learnings won’t go to waste. Besides what could be better than doing your passion and getting paid for it?

Maybe you’re a natural tech-savvy or have been interested in computers ever since you saw them, whatever it is, learning about technology can give you many interesting insights and surprises. Who knows, maybe you’re the next famous person inventing new technology that will change the world forever.

Of course this also includes choosing the right I.T school that can provide you the right and updated curriculum and equipment for any I.T programs. Remember that most employers prefer reputable IT graduates and with so many of students graduating, you you better find the top IT school in Manila.