6 Traits of a Top Performing School in the Philippines

Posted: August 23, 2016

It takes a lot of effort and determination to be successful. And some of them is selecting the right path, being with the right people and choosing the right school. Among all the top performing schools in the Philippines, how do you know which one would take you to the right direction?



Brilliant, talented and humble. Those are the traits every professor should have. They should not just teach, they should inspire and push the students to do their best. You know when the school carries the best mentors when it reflects on their students. Such successful young minds don’t develop on their own. They all need the right guidance and good hands to take them to the top.


Alumni are the products of the school. Their college time is where they developed and become amazing innovators. We always believe that nothing can substitute experience that’s why we provide our students with advance equipment and materials that they need. We still keep in touch with our students even if they graduate. A lot of them has gone so far and whenever they go, they always carry that iTamaraw pride.


Books are not the only key to success. We provide educational yet fun events, exhibits and other engaging activities where students can show their abilities and exchange ideas with one another in order to innovate more unique projects. These activities give us opportunities to get to know our students well.


Facilities also contribute to the well being of the students. They should feel safe and comfortable in order for them to study well and enjoy their days at the school. Our facilities are a mix of modern and classic prestige with a nature-friendly environment. We ensure that everything that our students need – from high-tech equipment to swimming pools and safe laboratories are provided to them equally.


Each student has it’s own interest and preferences. It is possible that they may be confused on what course to pursue in the future. FEU Tech offers variety of courses with different majors to give students the option on what aspect of technology they want to focus on. Our doors are always welcome to those who need guidance on understanding and knowing what course highlights their interest and strengths best.


You would find the result of a promising school when you see their students reaching their way up such as their topnotchers. At the end of the day, it’s always the student that matters the most. That’s why we treasure each of our iTamaraws. We’re proud to see them wanting to learn more, innovate more and make something life-changing and promising.

There’s a lot of factors to consider in choosing a top performing school, but if you want to see where the school can take you, then just look at what they’ve reached and what they can do more for you. See if they fulfill your needs and provide you with quality education.