Boost Your Career with a Master in Information Technology

Posted: July 14, 2016

Having the ability to provide I.T services requires an understanding and a degree in Information Technology but in order to have an advanced I.T position in a company, it is important to have a Master in Information Technology. Acquiring a master’s degree in Information Technology allows you to have an edge in your career. It gives you a lot of benefits like advancing your skills, experience and knowledge in the field of I.T. Work smarter with other benefits listed below:

 Masters in Information Technology

Wider Job Opportunities

It is true that having a bachelor’s degree in the field of I.T. can open many job opportunities because you can apply to almost anywhere. But when it comes to companies where thousands of applicants aspire to be in, it’s no doubt that standing out would be hard to accomplish. Holding a master’s degree as mentioned above can give you an edge. Employers see people with a master’s degree as valuable candidates since they know that you have twice the knowledge, skills and experience.


Having a Master in Information Technology means promotions are within reach. Most companies consider a master’s degree as an essential for promoting an employee to a higher position such as IT Director, IT Manager, Senior Web Developer, Information Systems Developer, Senior Network Administrator, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Information Technology Specialist.

Higher Pay

Promotions mean higher pay. The company values your experience, skills and knowledge that you bring to the company as a master’s degree holder, and monetary compensation is often a way to show this.

Better Job Security

People with master’s degree have lower unemployment rates than people with bachelor’s degree. Also, with the benefits that the company is getting from you, they value you more which ensures your job’s stability.

FEU Institute of Technology

Gain confidence

With your master’s degree, you know already know your value and companies may be vying to have you as part of their staff. With your knowledge, skills, experience, and title, you are confident enough to apply to your dream companies and seek a better position.

Teaching Career

One of the requirements of becoming a professor in a university is a master’s degree. If you’ve been wanting a career in education and seeking out the obligations and perks of being in the academe where you can do your research, get scholarships, become a speaker or representative in conferences, then the smart move is getting your master’s degree.

Career Growth

Lastly, acquiring Master in Information Technology is an important step to develop your career. Don’t settle being one place all the time. With this title, you can explore your interest, have better opportunities and maximize your capabilities.

Increasing your knowledge and skills means increasing your value as a professional. That’s why it is also important to pick the right graduate school in computer technology. Master in Information Technology (MIT) at FEU Institute of Technology can give you the advantage and edge at work. FEU Tech will help you empower your potential and boost your career ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Start making a difference and advance your career with the top IT school in Manila.