Computer Science vs Computer Engineering: Whatís the difference?

Posted: July 14, 2016

Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering (CE) are both popular degree programs in the IT industry. Both have many wonderful job opportunities but what most people are not aware of is that both courses are quite dissimilar from each other. A lot of incoming college students get confused most of the time and tend to pick the wrong course. It is important to know which course you really belong to in order to avoid shifting and be stuck in unwanted situations.

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering focuses on how computing machines are built as well as computing microprocessors and embedding them to computing devices such as laptops. Computer engineering is a product of computer science and electrical engineering as it specialises in software and hardware design or designing a system that will combine both. In laymanís term, computer engineering focuses on the link between hardware and software as well as operating and developing computer systems.

Computer Science

Unlike computer engineering which focuses on designing softwares and hardwares, computer science primarily focuses on data and algorithms. Computer science is a study of computation. It focuses on how data is processed, stored and communicated. Computer Science has some main branches including algorithms, theory of computation, software systems and artificial intelligence.

computer engineering

Classroom Experience

When it comes to classroom experience, computer science studentsí most classes are theory-based classes while computer engineering students handle both hardware and software technology features. They have more hands-on experience than computer science students.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities for these two degrees may differ from each other. Computer science majors can have the opportunity to be a business analyst or systems analyst, programmer, system support, software developer, software engineer and software designer.

While computer engineers can also be software engineers, other possible job titles include hardware engineer, system engineer and radio frequency engineer.

As technology rises these two courses are one of the very in demand jobs in the Philippines and abroad. Both of them also provide a promising future and expected to be around for a very long time.

Itís important to know whether you like working with softwares, hardwares (or both) as well as developing and operating systems. To get more details in helping you decide the right IT course, try and visit the top computer science and computer engineering school in the Philippines.