Here’s What Your Future Will Be When You Enroll in Digital Arts Program

Posted: November 14, 2016

Digital Arts - FEU TechAnother term has just ended, and the enrollment for the new term will come soon. If you are considering Digital Arts for your college degree, here are the things that you need to know about this program and what future jobs await you upon graduation.

1. You Will Obtain Vast Skills in Multimedia Arts

Taking Digital Arts program will give you knowledge in creating animated images and visual effects for a wide variety of platforms, including games, films, AVP, TV productions and other related media.

2. Job Opportunities Will Come Easy

Most companies today, need digital artists to handle their website content needs. And because not all people are tech savvy, your presence will be highly appreciated. These companies will often sponsor trainings and other events that you may attend to increase your skills that will help you ace your raise!

3. High Salary

Following the high demand for digital artists, you may expect that salary offer for this position will be competitive. In fact, according to, IT-related specializations top the list of the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in 2016.

4. You Are Regarded As an  Artist

People will regard you and your work very much the same as what any other artists who do paintings, sketching and more. Digital arts, from the name itself, is a form of art.

5. Freelance Jobs on Your Extra Time!

You’ll surely have your online portfolio soon, and this can be an effective opportunity to get projects from clients online. You can earn money from doing what you love, and further your skills.

To be able to achieve all of these, you should be smart in pursuing your passion. Moreover, choose the school that will guarantee quality education and unparalleled facility to ensure that you are getting the best learning experience. Most of the best colleges and universities for Digital Arts in the Philippines are in Manila. Find online threads and discussion to help you in getting more tips.

FEU Institute of Technology is among the leading IT schools in Manila.