How to Dress up Professionally for an Internship Interview

Posted: June 29, 2017

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Every top colleges in Philippines entail an internship, it is an opportunity for college students to have hands-on experience in their chosen field. But before the actual internship, first thing that a student need to be prepared for is the interview. Those interviews are your chance to give a good impression for yourself, and it starts with looking professionally ready for the corporate world.

Dress to impress with the following tips:

For Men

– Dress up appropriately for the position that you are applying for. In most cases, it is recommended to wear a suit or a sport coat in dark gray or navy blue. Avoid loud colors and flashy ties.

– If you don’t have suits, you can chose to wear business casual clothes. But dress smartly: pants, a collared shirt, and a sweater or a blazer will do the trick.

– Your choice of clothing must be comfortable and fit. Make sure the length of your sleeves and pants are proportional to your body. Avoid folding your clothes to match your body’s measure.

– Suits and pants must properly pressed for it to look clean, crisp, and conservative.

– Use high and dark socks that won’t slide down, as such can make you feel uncomfortable. For shoes, it’s advisable to wear dark and flip-on shoes.

– Avoid wearing noticeable earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

– Hair should be washed and styled. Avoid coming in to interviews with messy and unwashed hair. Like your clothes, hair should also be neat and conservative.

– If you want to smell good, perfume and cologne should only be used sparingly. Don’t use perfume that is too strong.

For women

– Like for men, dress appropriately for the position you are applying for.

– Dress code for women may include a suit, a skirt, or tailored pants.

– Remember not to wear overly printed and bright color pieces of clothing. Choose neutral and plain as much as possible.

– Avoid tight and revealing clothes. The bottoms should be in knee-length or longer. Wear a scarf if you want to.

– Wear closed-shoes, minimal-heel shoes, or shoes that make you feel comfortable — just make sure they look professional. Avoid stiletto heels, peep-toe pumps, sandals, and high boots.

– Jewelry and hair accessories should be minimal, too. Don’t wear flashy, distracting, and shiny ones.

– Hair should be clean, neat and styled conservatively. It can be pulled back in a low ponytail or you can wear a barrette.

– Makeups should be light and not too dramatic. Wear shades that are neutral to your skin tone.

– Fingernails should not be long and aren’t painted in unusual colors. Acceptable nail colors are light brown, white or transparent.

Lastly, both men and women should consider grooming themselves thoroughly. Regardless of what you wear, personal hygiene is more important above everything. Before heading to your interview location, check your body from head to toe for dirt and scents that can put off your interviewer. Take a shower, wear deodorant and brush your teeth. Also, make sure your clothes have no missing buttons and stains. Bring a mint spray for your mouth, sprinkle yourself with some mild perfume to get rid of the outdoorsy smell that comes when commuting to the location.

Remember iTamaraws, interview is not just the time to think about what you will say, but it is an opportunity to show prospective employers that you are ready for the professional world, and dressing up nicely can go a long way to achieve that. Good luck, students!