Programming: How to Get Started & Achieve Your Goals

Posted: October 21, 2016

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There are lots of traits and qualities needed for a student to be successful in the field of programming. This might surprise you but being good at math is not one of them. It’s all about attitude, motivation, discipline and much more. Here’s why:



Motivation is your jumpstart to everything. It will get you started, make you interested and determined enough to make any action. Some programmers already showed interest as early as 12. They would be mesmerized by how the computer works and it’s possible that they’ll carry that curiosity until college.


However, motivation isn’t enough. It’s what will get you started but not what will keep you going. Eventually, you might lose motivation and it will be easy to just give up. While motivation is important, you need to have discipline as well.



Discipline is your engine. It’s what will keep you on track and stick to your long-term goals. Like going on a diet, programming needs commitment. You don’t just stop exercising when you feel tired and demotivated. You need to have discipline to keep going. It can be hard but having this trait will do good on you not just in programming but in other things you’re committed in.


Practice Consistently

Memorizing code is not really the big deal in programming. You need to practice it everyday. Like learning how to play a guitar, it doesn’t really matter if you memorized all chords, if you didn’t practice for a long time then you’ll most likely fail.


Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s okay to take risks and try the things you haven’t done before. Keep in mind that the best programmers accept challenges and tasks that make them nervous. With that mindset, you’ll be able to learn a lot more and develop your skills faster.


Enroll in a Top College

Being enrolled in one of the top colleges in the Philippines comes with great advantages. It can help you improve your skills and knowledge about programming. You’ll have classmates and trusted professors to count on and ask for help. The best thing about studying in a top college in the country is it can help you get an internship in well-respected companies which can help you find a better job in the future.


Make a Side Project

Basically, your motivation came from curiosity and interest. Use your motivation to make a side project, something cool and helpful or something that you really want to make and passionate about. It’s okay to have errors because that’s normal, but never give up on your project because who knows, you might be the next big thing in tech.


Freelance or Do a Non-Profit

Getting a freelance project or a non-profit job (or both) is a good way to test your skills. You’ll practice, learn and meet new people all at the same time. This is also a big plus on your resume and portfolio.


Be Adaptable

Technology is evolving fast, and you should not get left behind. As technology develops, you should too. Don’t be afraid to adapt to new changes in technology. Learn the latest trends in programming, app and website development.


Stay Connected and Productive

Along your programming journey, you’ll meet a lot of smart and cool people. It’s time to grab that chance and make connections instead of burning bridges. You’ll never know if they will be your ticket to a nice job someday or the future co-founder of the company you’re dreaming of. The bottom line is, when you socialize with these people, it’s likely that a collaboration can happen. You’ll be able to see your project in a different point of view and develop it into something better.


Remember that everybody starts small, so whatever your goal is, it’s going to take time to achieve it as well as learning it. Programming is an art that needs patience to master. You just need to make that motivation into a long lasting discipline. Now that you know what you need and what to do, what are you waiting for? Enroll in a top IT School in Manila today!