Why Mechanical Engineering (ME) Is The Course For You

Posted: April 27, 2017

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Thinking of getting an engineering degree? Why not consider Mechanical Engineering (ME)? Itís one of the most in demand fields that working hand in hand in different industries. Besides the fact that youíll have a chance of working with robotics, mechanical engineering also gives you meaningful and worthwhile reasons for your career. Here are some:


Enjoy a well-paid salary

One of the perks of being an engineer is that you get to enjoy a well-paid salary. Though a higher position may have a higher salary, the pay isnít bad for entry roles as well. According to an article from Philippine Star last March 2016, the average salary of a fresh engineering graduate is Php 19,000. This is higher compared to other industries with a common average salary of Php 15,000.


Develop a range of skills

The art of mechanical engineering deals with a lot of aspects including the things that you use everyday. The cool, fast car that you just saw, your air conditioning, your fridge and more. As an ME, †youíll have a working knowledge on applying fundamentals and computer applications, electricity, mathematics, physics and sometimes a little bit of programming. Thatís why mechanical engineers are often labeled as jack-of-all-trades, youíll experience how to be †machinist, mechanic, manager, researcher etc. If youíre curious on how machines work, then ME might be for you.


Create something useful that can be used by others

A lot of mechanical engineers would agree that when you invent something useful to the society, it makes you happy knowing that you had made such a contribution to the community. When you know how things work, youíll be able to fix machines from small things like a broken pipe to larger things like cars and airplanes. Soon enough, youíll be able to improve the current machines today or innovate something new.


Global opportunities

ME is a such a broad field, and so are your chances of having a better career. Every country needs a mechanical engineer thatís why there are lot of opportunities out there for ME graduates whether itís in your local area or outside the country. A lot of students who came from top mechanical engineering schools in the Philippines are now working in large scale enterprises in Manila and even abroad. You can also take postgraduate degrees and learn new knowledge about the field.


Be at the forefront of future technologies

When it comes to developing new technologies for industries such as healthcare, construction, transport and robotics, mechanical engineering is in the forefront. It gets more exciting once your team takes a big leap into solving problems and improving machineries. Itís most likely that youíll get an opportunity to work on a certain project for companies like NASA as long as you gathered enough experience and portfolio.


You donít stay in an office

If you love innovating but not the office type of person then you should really consider ME. †Instead of sitting all day in a cubicle, you get to work outside doing projects, creating and testing machines.


The bottomline is, if you love machines, innovating and is very curious about how stuff works then becoming a mechanical engineer will be a dream come true because youíll be doing what you love everyday. With motivation, determination and hard work, youíll surely be a valuable mechanical engineer soon. Good luck!