Faculty Immersion Program

The Faculty Immersion Program addresses the College’s need to sustain a level of instruction that is industry-relevant. The program aims to provide faculty members, especially those who have not had actual industry experience, an opportunity to work with Industry Partners.


faculty1 faculty2
Mr. Jardiniano during his immersion at Micrologic.

The immersion will give faculty members a concrete understanding and appreciation of the expectations and demands of industry from professionals, and can therefore prepare and equip the students accordingly. Likewise, the program would serve as an avenue by which the faculty members can evaluate their competences in the industry; after which necessary support from the College can be solicited to address any need for additional training.

FEU Institute of Technology aims to be the nation’s benchmark in IT and Engineering Education. It sees itself as the premier source of competent professionals by advocating a relentless pursuit of quality education that is industry-relevant. It espouses the belief that the quality of its education largely depends on the quality of its instructors; thus, it likewise sees itself as having the best industry practitioners in its faculty roll.

The College sees itself as having a pool of academicians with relevant industry experience who can effectively teach its industry-driven curricula. It likewise aims to inject a corporate culture in an academic setting so as to afford its students the best simulation of what can expect when they step in the industry.

faculty3 faculty4
Engr. Grande while working on the CISCO equipment.