Student Internship Program

The Industry-Academe Linkage Program provides opportunity for students to gain valuable, practical experience in their field of specialization through the Internship Program with Industry Partners, wherein students undergo real recruitment process and work on real projects. The Internship Program is the school’s strategy to enhance students` skills and make it more relevant to the needs of the industry. It operates a system whereby industry is encouraged to cooperate with the academe for the improvement of the quality of education by providing a venue for students` practical application of what they have learned in school. The Internship Program, therefore, provides students with better understanding of the demands of real-world jobs, and helps them ground their ongoing education with real-world experience.

The program is a practical exposure cum training of students with the College’s Industry Partners. Students are immersed for 40 hours a week, from Mondays to Fridays and are treated like employees of the Industry Partners during the program.

The Computer Science and Information Technology Curriculum provides two trimesters of internship courses which usually falls in the first and second trimester of the senior year. During internship, students are expected to fully devote themselves with internship having no other academic load. Interns may be deployed to two different Industry Partners so that the students are exposed to different work environments.

The Engineering courses: Civil, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, and Industrial has one-trimester internship. It usually falls on the third trimester of the senior year.

Program Terms Weeks Hours
CS, IT 2 26 1040
CE, CpE, EcE, EE, IE 1 13 520

Deployment of interns is done every start of the term.