Student Affairs and Community Services Office

The Student Affairs and Community Services Office is geared towards the holistic development of the students based on the vision and mission of FEU Institute of Technology.

The office employs various strategies and schemes to attain its primary goal of total development. It supervises student organizations and their activities, through the concerted efforts of the Guidance Unit, Student Activities and Development Unit, Discipline Unit, Community Extension Service Unit, and the College Psychometrician.


The Guidance Unit (GU) believes in the basic philosophy that “every individual person is capable of self actualization,” (C. Rogers); thus, it aims to facilitate the total growth and development of students through the following services:

Individual/Group Guidance and Counseling, Testing and Inventory, Career and Developmental Programs, Research


The Student Development and Activities Unit (SADU) aims to develop students to become effective leaders, efficient followers, and good examples to others cognizant of their talents and skills and put these in productive endeavors not only in school but also in the community where they live. These shall be realized through students’ participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

SADU Components: Student DevelopmentStudent Activities


The Discipline Unit (DU) maintains and promotes a peaceful, orderly disciplined, safe, and healthy school environment. It impartially implements and imposes the policies, rules and regulations stipulated of the college.


The Community Extension Services Unit (CESU) is a component of the Student Affairs and Community Services Office that aims to organize, and implement opportunities for the Associates and students through community outreach activities.

Following the three functions of Higher Educational Institutions, community outreach is the culmination of the two other functions namely instruction and research. The Community Extension Service Unit provides opportunity to Associates and students to demonstrate their commitment in sharing their expertise in their respective professional fields to communities and organizations.

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