Artist Connection



The Artist Connection aims to initiate productive endeavors where its members can exhibit their talents and skills in dancing, singing, and acting. It composed of the four sub-organizations namely: Exude Dancers, Tech Squad, Theater Guild and Music Synergy.


The main objective of this organization is to provide venue and to initiate productive endeavors where its member can exhibit their talents and skills.


Artist Connection has three subordinates clubs namely: Exude Dancers – group of talented individuals whose field of specialization is dancing. Music Synery – group specializes in the fields of singing and playing different kinds of instruments. Theater Guild – group specializing in theater acts, monologues and short skits. It was founded by year 2004.


Course & Year
 President  Dannecka Jayne Domingo  BSCE / 3rd year
 Vice President – Exude Dancers  Alejandra S. Chinchuntic  BSCE / 2nd year
 Vice-President – Music Synergy  Jasmine Marie Q. Maragay  BSITDA / 3rd year
 Vice-President – Theater Guild  Gerald Miguel A. Bautista  BSITDA / 2nd year
 Vice President – Tech Squad  Marchius Filipchito V. Nazaire  BSITDA / 2nd year
 Secretary  Mary Claire Antonette A. Arconado  BSECE / 2nd year
 Treasurer  Aldrjrich Manuel G. Pingol  BSECE / 3rd year
 Auditor  Rogelio Pierre Angelo J. Opeña II  BSITDA / 3rd year
 P.R.O.  Christian Kenneth Mabuti  BSITDA / 1st year
 Director for Visual Arts  Arian Jehu H. Ayalde  BSITDA / 4th year
 Director  for Props and Design  Jacob T. Estenor  BSCE / 2nd year
 Director for Production and Media  Ian Marc P. Lamson  BSITDA / 2nd year
 Director for Logistics and Reservation  Vince Manuel R. Catacutan  BSITDA / 1st year
 Director for Outreach  Rudy C. Labor  BSICE / 2nd year