Association of Civil Engineering Students


Commits to conduct activities and outreach programs that challenge Civil Engineering students for their betterment and involve themselves in the society and helps them to enjoy their studies.


To be an organization that could cater brotherhood/sisterhood within its members and has continuous effort to bind the Civil Engineering students through activities and outreach programs that will promote academic, personal and professional growth.


In general, the organization fosters an atmosphere where critical thinking prevails. It enjoins the students to act as one in addressing their concerns and welfare and asserting their rights.


Course & Year
 President  Lady Lyn E. Escarieses  BSCE / 4th year
 Vice President – Internal  Jemima Freda B. Diggay  BSCE / 4th year
 Vice-President – External  Manuel Norman M. Reyes, Jr  BSCE / 4th year
 Secretary  Jessa Isabel G. Vinluan  BSCE / 3rd Year
 Treasurer  Ivan Paulo M. Hernandez  BSCE / 4th Year
 Auditor  Jomer J. Tomale  BSCE / 4th year
 P.R.O – Internal  Robert John M. Tolentino  BSCE / 4th year
 P.R.O – EXternal  Ranier C. Santos  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Academics  Justin Lexter E. Asurto  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Documentation  John Michael Vincent V. Tedoro  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Outreach  Jane Mel M. Pabuayon  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Quizzers  Kemuel A. Jancorda  BSCE  / 4th year
 Director for Seminar  Ericka V. Villagante  BSCE / 3rd Year
 Director for Sports  Louisito H. Henson  BSCE / 4th year
 Director for Visuals  Fritz D. Natividad  BSCE / 4th year
 4th year Representative  Crisanto D. De Leon  BSCE / 4th year
 3rd year Representative  Sherwin James A. Trinidad  BSCE / 3rd Year
 2nd year Representative  Japheth A. Jancorda  BSCE / 2nd Year