Computer Engineering Organization



The Computer Engineering Organization envisions the development of students skills and empowerment of their interests towards excellence in Computer Engineering as their field of specialization.


Computer Engineering Organization envision the development of students’ skills and empowerment of their interest towards excellence in their field of specialization.

Computer Engineering is committed in developing competent and skilled CpE professionals, harnessing the leadership potentials of its officers and members, establishing camaraderie and close ties with associates, members officers and other student organizations and representing the interest, welfare and ideals of its members.


The name Computer Engineering Organization shall only be written with the font engravers MT. The tagline, “Interfacing with Innovation” shall be written with the font Andalus. The name FEU – East Asia College shall only be written with the font Batang provided that it is displayed with the organization’s logo, name or tagline. The abbreviation CpEO shall only be written with the font Old English Text MT. Founded January 2004.


Course & Year
 President  Isaiah James D. Puzon  BSCpE / 4th year
 Vice President – Internal  Louise G. Dasigan  BSCpE / 4th year
 Vice-President – External  Onofre C. Espinosa III  BSCpE / 4th year
 Secretary  Marianne R. Santos  BSCpE / 4th year
 Treasurer  Cheenie M. Magallanes  BSCpE / 4th  year
 Auditor  Herminio King L. Feliciano  BSCpE / 4th year
 P.R.O.  Lovely Gale  D. Morro  BSCpE / 4th year
 Director  for Education  Royce Ezra R. Tabora  BSCpE / 3rd year
 Director for Sports  Karl Joseph M. Mejia  BSCpE / 3rd year
 Director for Outreach Program  Roxette G. Mana  BSCpE / 4th year