English Guild


English Guild (E.G.) is an organization that performs the function of promoting the English language in the different skills of reading, writing, and in grammar in the FEU-EAC Community. This will be realized through the activities the guild has to offer.


Our vision is to establish camaraderie among the members and non-members of FEU-East Asia College, through linguistic skills. Also, to promote the language by introducing different skills in the reading, speaking, writing, and grammar.


The guild also aims to produce exceptional leaders and students who will be able to use their learned skills not only in classroom interactions but also in out-of-campus interactions.


In the name of the organization, “English Guild” is formally written on the top. FEU –East Asia College stands for the school itself, Far Eastern University – East Asia College. The year 2004 as to when the club was founded.


Course & Year
 President  Paul, Timothy B.  BSIT / 3rd Year
 Vice President – Internal  Esquivel, Bernard Hommer  BSCS / 2nd Year
 Secretary  Ramos, Allyssa DS  BSCS / 2nd Year
 Treasurer  Sumpay, Kristoffer Louie  BSCS / 4th Year
 Auditor  Sunglao, Maritess  BSCS / 4th Year
 P.R.O.  Faheem, Sheeraz R.  BSIT / 3rd Year
 Director for Creative and Technical  Support  Marcelo, McRey  BSIT / 4th Year
 Director for Special Events  Raganit, Ederlyn  BSIT / 4th Year