Honor Students’ Society



The Honor Students’ Society represents the honor students of FEU Institute of Technology who redefines honor and goes for the extra mile. The organization aims to develop and train students who would bring pride to the college as well as to the nation.


Honor Students’ Society envisions itself to be an outstanding academic organization in FEU Institute of Technology dedicated to hone well-rounded honor students to be future builders of the nation.


The very purpose of Honor Students’ Society is to unite honor students of FEU – East Asia College through skills development, social awareness, and acquisition of knowledge from collaborative learning.


The objectives of the Honor Students’ Society are:

  • To develop the skills of the members and officers of the society through various activities it implements throughout the year.
  • To share the acquired knowledge of the society to other students.
  • To establish rapport among members.
  • To conduct outreach activities to help those who are in need.
  • To expose its members not only academically but also socially inside and outside the school.
  • To inform and discuss to its members the latest innovation, discoveries, technologies, and current issues regarding our society.
  • To create a core group for quizzers, scholars of FEU Institute of Technology
  • To establish a core group for students who aspire to be quizzers and scholars, that will inspire, motivate and inform them about the opportunity to be scholar or quizzer.


The Honor Society was founded year 2004. The first president was Mr. Noel Andy Saturno and the first adviser was Engr. Yuri Bendanillo from MPS Department.


Course & Year
 President  John Israel V. Melendez  BSCE / 3rd year
 Executive Vice President  Kenneth Jun J. Cajayon  BSCE / 2nd year
 Vice President for Administrative Affairs  Michael Giovanni A. Tan  BSCE / 2nd year
 Vice President for Aspirants’ Alliance  Charles Brent F. Licardo  BSCE / 2nd year
 Vice President for Quizzers’ League  Christian Abanag  BSCE / 2nd year
 Vice President for Scholars’ Circle  John Ved G. De Asis  BSCE / 3rd year
 Secretary  Maria Nerizza A. Bufi  BSCE / 2nd year
 Assistant Secretary  Kyle Mari A. Torralba  BSCSSE / 1st year
 Treasurer  Tyrone Jay C. Cencil  BSCE / 2nd year
 Auditor  Symoun Roy G. Sison  BSCE / 2nd year
 P.R.O  Joshua John T. Mañaol  BSITWMA / 1st year
 Assistant PRO  Daphnee F. Lindemann  BSCE / 1st year
 Director for Outreach  Marielle C. Bagunu  BSCE / 2nd year
 Director for Education  Jason F. Nobleza  BSECE / 1st year
 Director for Visual Arts  Kim Nicole D. Agonos  BSCE / 2nd year