Information Technology Students’ Organization



Information Technology Students’ Organization (I.T.S.O.) is an organization that manages the sub organizations from the I.T.E. Department that enlists in their organization. The organization aims to give activities and other events for the students for them develop their skills in their chosen specialization. The organization provides the students with a well-oriented community that would improve camaraderie and partnership between one another. By this methods, the organization may achieve its goal of helping students develop and enhance their skills for the betterment of the I.T. Society.


Our vision is to empower the FEU Institute of Technology community through Information Technology and to facilitate IT knowledge sharing, education and IT training industry influence for students.


To be an innovative and comprehensive organization in FEU Institute of Technology, which delivers growth by means of activities and services, that initiate the deliberate benefits for the students. To advocate excellence, promote lifelong learning, facilitate change and develop the talents and creativity of FEU Institute of Technology IT students


Course & Year
 President  Arnold John B. Esperanzate  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Vice President  Renz Mae S. Ladroma  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Vice President – Web.IT  Duane Cary C. Cusi  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Vice President – DASA  Allen B. Tarucan  BSITDA / 4th year
 Vice President – ADV3D  Jonell C. Bagayan  BSITAGD / 2nd year
 Secretary  Hannylou A. Celestial  BSITWMA / 2nd year
 Treasurer  Benedick M. Bautista  BSITDA / 4th year
 Auditor  Charmaine M. Rodolfo  BSITDA / 3rd year
 PRO  Alfredo Ramon P. Camposano  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Director for Committee Head  Banessa Angel D. Barraca  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Director for Sports  Yzabelle C. Permalino  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Director for Outreach  Johanna Mae l. Palo  BSITDA / 2nd year