Recreation and Athletics Club



Recreation and Athletics Club endeavors to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports. It helps in the creation of teams that represent the College in sports Competition.


The Recreation and Athletics Club (RAC) aims to let the students showcase their talents in sports, to discover new talents, to create a team which represents FEU-East Asia College in the FEUAL; to create camaraderie, teamwork and friendship not only between students of both college but also among the students of FEU Institute of Technology.

The Club is also committed to encourage the highest ethical standards. All individuals who are involved in the club should always conduct themselves with integrity and transparency and in fair and equitable manner.


RAC was founded year 2004. The President then was Mr. Ainsley Sears Limgenco.


Course & Year
 President  Alfredo A. Gutirrez III  BSCpE / 4th year
 Vice President – Internal  Isobelle A. Del Mundo  BSECE / 4th year
 Secretary  Charlene Joy R. Enriquez  BSCE / 2nd year
 Treasurer  Yzabelle C. Permalino  BSITWMA / 3rd year
 Auditor  Dionenel N. Raquid  BSECE / 3rd year
 P.R.O.  Mark Anthony C. Deang  BSCpE / 2nd year
 Director for Basketball  Diosa Bianca C. Biado  BSITWAD / 4th year
 Director for Volleyball  Loradine Aybil R. Mendoza  BSCE / 5th year
 Director for Badminton  Timothy James L. Ramirez  BSITWMA / 2nd year