Student Inventions



Matlab-Based Voter Verification
System with Face Recognition Using Eigenface Method
Developed By: Alap, E.; Aredidon, J.; Bugas, J.M.; Habig, K.C.; Liu, Z.
Concerns regarding security have increased now that
crime has kept up with technology. That’s why another
group of FEU Tech students decided to integrate facial
recognition techniques with technology. While their
system can be used for many other purposes, they have
decided to focus its use on civil offenses in national elections, e.g. voter fraud.
The system is a MATLAB-based face recognition system
that verifies voter’s registration using the Eigenface method.
It captures at least 10 different samples of a subject’s face
during registration and, at the time of voting, uses these
samples to verify a person’s identity. The system can analyze
a wide variety of facial expressions, including a wide smile, a
furrowed brow, and even a frown, to detect accurately either
a positive or negative correlation between each person, in an
average time of less than l0 seconds.


Microcontroller-based Home Appliance Controller

Developed by: Cablas, Glenn C.; Dela Cruz, Honelyn P.; Ignacio, Maribel N.; Legaspi, Rommel M.; Villagracia, Fracheska P.
Want to control your household even when you’re not
at home? The Microcontroller-based Home Appliances
Controller is the solution for you. This system allows
you to control home appliances through your cellular
phone. Send a command via text message, like TURN
ON or TURN OFF, or check STATUS. The system
will then send a confirmation text back to the user.



Microcontroller-based Braille Tutorial for the Visually-Impaired

Developed by Bernal, Ruther Ivan T.; Gloria, Joshua Miguel L.; Gomez , Riel A.;
Paraiso, Justin Owen C.; Urge, Marc Angelo L.

MCU-based Braille Tutor for the Visually-Impaired was designed
to teach braille with minimal human assistance. The major components
are two microcontrollers, one handling audio files and the
other handling speech recognition. The keyboard is comprised of
solenoids and a group of tact switches.


Chessboard with Auto tracker

Developed by: Duran, March Frederick T.; Paule, Janine M.; Rebua, John Rey F.
Roldan, Jeremiah John R.; Sigue, Avery Carleen R.

The Chessboard with Auto-Tracker is a prototype system that
was implemented by a group of chess-loving FEU Tech students.
The system automatically tracks and notates the moves of each
player during a game of chess. It’s user-friendly and has an easyto-
use graphical user interface (GUI) from which players can
retrieve data about their game.



Mobile Calculus Calculator App

Some people find math a little hard—especially
calculus. To help people with this problem, Team 7 have
developed an Android application called the Mobile
Calculus Calculator, which is able to solve four derivatives
and four integral functions. It can also solve six
trigonometric functions for each. It also has a tutorial
and function list for derivation and integration. Its
interface is user friendly and the tutorials show steps
on how to solve derivative and integral problems using
the calculator. Team 7 claims that users of their app
can solve derivative problems in seconds.



Microcontroller-based Interactive Bass Guitar

Developed by: Moreno, Kevin V.; Pilar, Gino Ryan P.; Rivera, Erich Quinn S.; Siao, John Chua P.; Yu, Kurt Ivan Mykell L.

Learning a new instrument can be hard—even with
lessons! So, this microcontroller-based interactive
bass guitar trainer was designed to simplify the
learning process. Using a modified 4-string bass
guitar, with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and integrated
tact switches spread across the fret board, you
can learn to play in no time at all!



Health Buff Assistant

Digital assistant that helps you stay physically fit
When you’re always busy with school work
and exams, sometimes it’s hard to find time to
exercise. And, because of all the junk food we
consume day to day, the pounds get packed in. So,
FEU Institute of Technology students Radiant C. Juan, Alberto L.
Espinosa, Camille Faye V. Navarrete, and Sean
Melvin U. Dela Cruz have developed a handy app
that really forces you to get into shape.
Their creation is Health Buff Assistant, an
Android application that helps users track calorie
intake and body mass index, manage work-out
schedules, and learn different types of exercises
and routines. It’s like having a personal trainer
anywhere at any time.