What We Offer

HATCH your idea through the following programs:

Hubs for ideation: Access co-working spaces such as discussion and seminar rooms from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on a first-come, first-served basis. The spaces may be used for the following purposes:

  • Scheduled mentoring session with an innovation/industry expert
  • Brainstorming and brain-swarming on projects endorsed by faculty and approved by the dean or executive director of academic departments
  • Approved seminars and boot camps on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Prototyping

Alumni advisors: Connect with the alumni volunteer advisors and be part of their circle. Alumni share common aspirations and values with the FEU community and can serve as your initial touchpoint for the transfer of information and technology.

Training sessions: Learn more about professional services or industry issues and trends that can serve as a springboard for your idea. Training sessions, seminars, and workshops include a wide array of topics such as accounting, marketing, intellectual property, operations management, consumer behavior, E-commerce, and crowdfunding. Accredited student organizations and academic institutes spearhead these programs.

Coaching-mentoring relationships: Schedule small group sessions with an entrepreneur or startup leader who can guide mentees on the stages of incubation. Select between face-to-face or online coaching and/or other mentoring modes.

Helix of industry partners: Join a network of industry experts that functions as defense panel members for business plans or capstone projects. These experts also represent their reputable organizations and provide technical assistance or angel investments.

Industry partners are also allowed to mount exhibits of their latest innovative products for first-hand customer engagement and to showcase their company’s products and services.