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Discipline Unit

The Discipline Unit (DU) maintains and promotes a peaceful, orderly, disciplined, safe, and healthy school environment. It impartially implements and imposes the policies, rules and regulations stipulated in this Student Handbook. The Discipline Unit is the sole repository of all lost and found items in the College.


I. School Policy Implementation

Code of Conduct (do's and dont's)

List of Offenses (minor and major)

Processing of complaints against students

Administrative Proceedings

Provision of Disciplinary Actions

Endorsement of complaints against associates (if any)

II. Coordination to Security Department and other offices re: Students Safety and Security

III. Discipline Formation

IV. Lost & Found

V. Clearances

Certificate of Good Moral



Transfer out clearance


ID Replacement

Student Assistants

Student Leaders

Student Discipline

Room F1501 15th Floor, FIT Building


Room F1501 15th Floor, FIT Building
Office Hours: M-F, 8:00AM ─ 5:00PM

Trunkline: (02) 8281 8888 Local 124