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iCARE (iTamaraw Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment)

Formerly known as MRC (Math Resource Center) and ERC (English Resource Center), iCARE is a special unit of FEU Tech committed to provide resources and enrich the students’ learning skills in various courses to enhance their mathematics ability and communication skills. It has its own dedicated faculty members and scholars who readily provide on-demand academic services.

It also provides access to materials and equipment aimed at developing overall academic proficiency in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, and Multimedia Arts programs. Students may avail of the following services from iCARE:


    1. Consultation Sessions

      iCARE provides a venue for faculty consultations. Faculty consultations give the students the convenience of clarifying and inquiring from their teachers about their academic standings; consulting about difficulties in their lessons, missed examinations, and other concerns. Faculty assigned in different departments will plot their consultation hours on iCARE such that when a student inquires for their course adviser, the receptionist can guide them with the schedule and let them know the schedule of their course adviser.

    2. Tutorials

      Students from all year levels can avail or ask for a one-on-one or group tutorial session facilitated by a peer tutor or a faculty member with mastery about the concerned course/topic.

      • Peer tutorial is provided to create an atmosphere that iS friendly and non-intimidating. Students, especially scholars, who excel in Mathematics are encouraged to become peer tutors. While the tutees learn from tutorial services, the tutors gain mastery of the mathematical concepts and acquire not only mathematical skills but also self-confidence, leadership, and self-esteem.

      • Faculty-facilitated tutorials are where a faculty member guides student/s by providing supplementary lectures or by entertaining students’ queries about a certain topic. This service helps the students who have hesitations to consult their course advisers.

    3. Review and Enhancement Classes

      iCARE conducts review and enhancement classes for students in preparation for their major exams. If needed, a faculty member can schedule his/her class for a review or enhancement class in his available time to go back into topics that need mastery from his students. These sessions will be announced beforehand so that anyone can still have the freedom to join and enjoy the review classes.

    4. Individual/Group Study

      Individual study promotes independent learning skills. Students who voluntarily enter the office are provided with instructional modules. The student will be guided on what to answer as they go through the lessons in the module. When answering problem sets, the student will encounter minimal intervention from tutors to promote and develop confidence in problem solving skills. This non-facilitated method of learning service could also be availed by group.


    1. Motivational Talks

      As iCARE believes that learning does not stop inside the walls of the classroom, iCARE conducts motivational talks every term to make sure that the Institute does not only target the academic welfare of students, but also other aspects such aS emotional, mental, and even social. Some of the topics discussed in these motivational talks include tips on how to achieve a right and a just study habit, how to develop time management skills, and other corrective approaches on distractions in their studies.

    2. Activities with the Guidance & Counseling Office

      In relation to iCARE’s motivational talks, FEU Tech’s Guidance & Counseling Office (GCO) has always been proactive in attending to students’ mental health concerns even during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They readily provide tele and web counseling services using the latest technologies. In fact, the office had launched an exclusive Google site for students that became an effective tool for checking up on them remotely. This is especially true when it comes to their mental health and pandemic-related anxieties.

      To discuss further, GCO used their Facebook page for constant communication to students during the 2020-2021 lockdown. They offered free emotional and mental health support which continues to be proactively done to this day.

      In short, the office has always made their doors open (both virtually and physically) for consultations/sessions that involve students’ personal problems. They highly recognize the importance of mental health care and provide up-to-date activities/programs to promote students’ overall wellbeing.

To know more about iCARE, visit their official Facebook page at:

iCARE (iTamaraw Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment)

Room F1402/F1403 14th Floor, FIT Building


Room F1402/F1403 14th Floor, FIT Building